“OPPRESSED” MARXIST MULTI-MILLIONAIRE & BLM CO-FOUNDER PATRISSE CULLORS RESIGNS as executive director after her $3 million housing portfolio is exposed. Cullors - who identifies as a communist and publicly promotes the abolishment of capitalism and private property - came under fire last month after it was revealed she had amassed a $3 million property portfolio in recent years, prompting BLM members to call for a probe into the organization's spending and finances. The BLM foundation revealed in February that it took in just over $90 million last year; they spent a quarter of their assets on “operating expenses.” Cullors has allegedly only been paid $120,000 by BLM since its inception in 2013. Despite being a self-professed “trained Marxist,” she has amassed considerable wealth through speaking engagements and book and TV deals. Her newly purchased $1.4 million L.A. home - which she is reportedly surrounding with a $35,000 fence and electric gate - is located in one of the whitest parts of California, with a black population of only 1.6%. SOURCE: DAILY MAIL UK, SALTY CRACKER, PAUL JOSEPH WATSON, DARRELL B. HARRISON.