I was kinda bullied in elementary school but it was in junior high where I got bullying experience, today they are anti-bullying programs and that’s cool, it’s great to be educated on the topic, I hope that this program includes how to confront bullies. It wasn’t until high school where I unfortunate had to employ violence in order to end one of my bully’s rein over me, during Physical Ed as usual I wasn’t pick to play on a team nor did I wanted to, I stayed in my corner minding my own business but this bully keep following and taunting me, anger was flowing in me until I pushed him so hard that he fell almost flat on his back his eyes were full with shock, I was shocked too mostly angry but definitely shocked, I had no idea I had that strength, he got up a left me alone. I really wished there was another solution but for guys sometimes that’s our only choice, when to utilize it is key, I wasn’t a violent then, I hated fighting as a little boy but I knew that the other option was being stepped on. My advice for boys as far as anti-bullying goes is take some karate lessons, and make sure your sensei isn’t from cobra Kai, we must avoid violence if possible but don’t be a push over. As far as girls goes that’s a totally different thing, in fact I think that the girl bully experience is far worse than what we experience.