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Dear Californian refugees
Do you have any idea why you’re moving to Texas, Idaho and Florida? I mean do you really know? You voted for these Democrats who promised social justice and a fairer society, today California is overwhelmingly controlled by the Democratic national party and how has that worked out us? And every time I point that out to you, your response is “they’re all corrupt” then why are the republican states better of? And why do you want to move there? When you can have great state here, if you would vote like a Texans would, but nah you rather move there and infest that state with the same destructive politicians and policies that ruin your home state, and after you destroy Texas then I guess you move on to Florida like an economical virus that you are, please, please, please have a little self-awareness, just a little, you people are an embarrassment.

///it’s okay I’m a Californian, I can call Californians a virus but don’t you let me hear you call us a virus, that’s racist/// #california #californianews #californianrefugee #californianrefugees #texas