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GODDAMN IT ! ... I HAD ENOUGH OF THIS ! ... I'm gonna say this right now :

I say something in opposition to a bad group of people , and then some moron come to me and say " but, not all of them are bad. " ........ spare me ... SPARE ME DAMN IT ! ... you know ... that is one of the WORST hypocritical things anyone can say ! ... it's a weapon, a tool, a strategy of attack ! ... let me explain it in a way that even an absolute moron can understand :

step 1 : someone say that "X Group" is bad ... you tell that person that not all "X" is bad.

Step 2 : once that person agree that not all "X" are bad, you just keep talking about how "X" is great and that person must stop his hate toward "X" so that those fringe good "X" people don't get attacked or smeared or hurt or make them cry or get offended.

Step 3 : after a seemingly nice conversation, no matter what that person says, you keep reminding him of the previous conversation and gently force that person to walk back his statements without him realizing that you tricked him into submission.

Step 4 : while you know that the other person favor "Y Group", you NEVER say anything positive or negative about "Y Group", you never support it, and you are trying to erase all mentioned of "Y Group", because if you even mention "Y", you reveal your opposition to it and your plan to erase it by simply NOT allowing info to be exchanged.

and that's how you use that diversion tactic that commonly known as " Not All are Bad " ..... I HATE IT ! ... IT'S A MANIPULATIVE WORD PLAY THAT IS MEANT TO SILENCE ANY OPPOSITION OF CORRUPTION AND INJUSTICE !

if anyone ever come to me and actually use that tactic ... I'm gonna say to that moron : " oh really ? ... does that mean that not all Nazis are bad ? ... does that mean that not all racists and sexists are bad ? ... you said it yourself, not all of them are bad ... are you willing to stand by your principle ? " ...

I warn you folks , beware that tactic ... it is intentionally used by leftists ... you can easily expose them if you use the same word play with the groups they hate ! ...

consider this a friendly reminder NOT to fall into leftists traps!