I'm "bothered." There is an overwhelming National Guard presence in and around Washington DC "for the inauguration." There's the same presence in many, if not all State Capitals, and large cities nationwide. Why is all of this firepower necessary? Does the incoming Administration, and all of the Capitol Governors think that the Deplorables will - do WHAT, exactly? Tear the State Capitols and Washington DC apart? Have the Trump Followers EVER defaced anything? I say - NO. That isn't our "style." That's something that the Liberal Far Left does. So, WHY the large presence?
I have a theory. Could it be that the presence is to disarm Americans, going door to door, perhaps? Could a President Joe Biden be so afraid of the Deplorables that he would declare Martial Law immediately after he is inaugurated? Does it sound like something that he would do? We'll see on Wednesday. I hope I'm wrong.