Pfizer CEO refuses to answer questions as world wakes up to vaccine crimes



For all the unvaxxed, we deserve this praise more than anyone knows or cares to admit.....❤

The Covid cultists and grifters don’t want the pandemic to end.

There is just too much money and power to lose if Covid were to actually completely disappear.

Everything you need to know about the climate change hoax in 2 mins. I got the sound the best I could.

1992. Al Gore vs. Rush Limbaugh.

Florida Surgeon General Issues Warning For mRNA Coronavirus Vaccines: ‘FL Will Not Be Silent On The Truth’

The video that got Dr. Peter McCullough banned from Twitter

Donald Trump says, "The vaccine is one of the greatest achievements of mankind."
"Do you get the booster?"
"Yes." I got it, too..."
Okay, so, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da.

Pfizer has partnered with Marvel to create a comic book to urge people to get their Covid booster vaccines and be an 'everyday hero'.

The PR stunt comes amid a sluggish autumn jab rollout that has seen less than one in 20 eligible Americans receive their Omicron-specific shot.

Pfizer is also pushing for its new bivalent booster vaccine to be approved for children aged five to 11.