The Variable Man

Essay on Trump's ability to deflect and evade his critics.

Long ago, I read a book of short stories by Philip K. Dick, that master of science fiction, that contained the story, “The Variable Man”. I’ll give a brief synopsis to help give my upcoming missive a bit of clarity and context.

The story centered around a man who managed to travel to the future and the resulting complications he met with. The society he had stumbled into had grown weak and complacent and ill equipped to deal with a man from the past. The citizens and the authorities in this future world learned of his existence and tried their best to apprehend him and isolate him from the rest of society fearing he would contaminate it in some way.

The story is a bit hazy but I seem to remember that despite their best efforts, they could not capture him due in large part to his unique differences to the society in which he found himself. He didn’t think or act the way they did and he led them a merry chase, embarrassing them at every turn. Try as they might, they could not have any effect on his actions nor could they seem to locate and contain him.

He used thinking and tactics that were outside what they could comprehend and thus evaded them at every turn.

I’m reminded of that story watching Trump continually evade and embarrass his detractors and those arrayed against him.

I’ve often referred to Trump as the variable that no one expected and as such, has completely reshaped the paradigm of modern politics.
Trump is the variable man, working outside the accepted norms of politics to implement his policies and his goals for America during his presidency.

The cycle has been thus since he took office - Trump proposes, his detractors castigate and ridicule, Trump succeeds, usually with very positive approval from the American people.

Thus was the way with tax cuts, net neutrality, border security, trade imbalances ad infinitum. All these things succeeded despite the dire warnings of the left that “people will die” with every new proposal.

He just seems to keep winning according to the rules he has put in place while those who seek to do him harm seem constantly to embarrass themselves trying to undermine or prevent him from doing what he sees fit.

The old way of how we do politics in America is over, at least while Trump is in office. This is what America truly needed. A man who would ignore the failures of the past and adopt a new way of thinking that would benefit us all. This is the real change we needed, not some bumper sticker or tired campaign slogan. Trump has upset the apple cart and scattered the apples everywhere in his march to success. He is the unknown variable that no one is able to contain or damage.

He appears to be made of asbestos because no fire leveled at him has any effect whatsoever. He merely dusts himself off and carries on unscathed.

He has set a benchmark of success in his first term that future presidents will have a very difficult time competing with.

In just over two years, he’s left the Democrat party and the media a shadow of their former selves. They’ve expended so much energy trying to defeat him that they’ve ignored their own internal problems and both the left and the media now find themselves scrambling for relevancy which may take generation to regain.

The recent defeats suffered by the left with the Kavanaugh nomination and the constant fear mongering about the impending deaths of millions of Americans at the hands of this madman stand as a testament to how well his new paradigm is working.

His exposure of the media as a partisan wing of the Democrat party is something that I have personally been waiting to see for far too many years. His bouts with Jim Acosta have done more to expose the media for who they really are than all the blogs ever written.

Long Live The Variable Man!