Maxine Waters Calls For Ban On Song "White Christmas". Claims It's "Racist".

News Report From Singaling Press.


Singaling Press. December 13th, 2018. Washington D.C. Democrat Maxine Waters has called for a ban on the Christmas classic song White Christmas. Calling it "racist", she demanded radio stations stop playing it, and for all Americans to stop listening to it and watching the movie from which the song itself is synonymous with. Said Maxine, "This song White Christmas is not only racist, but it's also a call for white people to reminisce about the old days when slavery and segregation were a reality in America. This song is hateful and the words make it clear it's full of bigotry. The line in the song that goes 'I'm dreaming of a white Christmas just like the ones I used to know' is a call for Whitey's to remember the so-called good old days when slavery was rampant in America! We need to ban this song because it's hateful and bigoted and the title alone tells us it must be racist! Who puts the word white in a song title unless it's a covert call-out to whites to rise up against black people and oppress blacks all over again?! The singer who sang that song was Bing Crosby, who was himself white! That alone tells us all we need to know!" The single White Christmas is the biggest selling single of all time with sales of more than 50 million copies worldwide. President Trump responded to Maxine's claim that the song is racist by stating "I think Maxine is nuts! People should be more worried about the pathetic state of her riding which is a disgrace and riddled with crime and poverty! She's corrupt and has gotten rich through corruption and everybody knows it. I think I'm going to start referring to her as "The Grinch". Anyone who thinks this fine classic Christmas tune is racist has bats in their belfry!" Maxine responded to Trumps claims that she is corrupt by saying that "Trump is a racist! He thinks black public servants can't earn a good living in govt and get extremely wealthy by honorable means! We need to impeach him for racism. And we need to ban White Christmas from the airwaves! Trump is racist and so are most white Conservatives in America! To hell with them all and to hell with Christmas for whitey's!"


Reporting from Washington, I'm Singaling. Merry Christmas to you all.