Former Failed NYC Liberal Judge, Andrew Neapolitan, Strikes (out) Again

Judge Andrew Clownfus Neapolitan is a true New York liberal commie babe. And he hates Trump. Whatever happened to this guy? We used to trust him. Another astounding arkle take by MrOldTimer.


Amen to what you'll read below on Breitbart Thursday! tongue-out

At some point, maybe a year ago, so called judge Neapolitan went left. I always felt like he was doing it to gain points with his NY hoi poloi pals. Maybe he's courting some lib dame. Who knows? But in any event the guy simply loathes Trump. And he's got a technique...if you'll watch carefully.

At first he begins reasonably, but then, per his ticking timebomb script he ALWAYS goes for Trump's jugular.

He said just this week that he's tried over 1000 cases. Well, if I were sitting in a cell because of him I'd do everything I could to get his ruling overturned. The guy who we all started out adoring has shown his true infected libstrange colors. Is not so?

Attribution: 13 Dec 2018 Brietbart

Fox News Judge Napolitano Continues to Trash Trump with Inaccurate ‘Analysis’

Ed note: Note well the term 'anal-y-sis' in the header above. The judge is that these days.

Andrew Napolitano
Fox News

Appearing with Shepard Smith on Wednesday, Fox News’s Judge Andrew Napolitano continued his winning streak of being the worst and most dishonest legal analyst on television not named Jeffrey Toobin.

Spewing all kinds of mindless gloom and doom (you can watch the full segment here), while ignoring the all-important mitigating context that proves just how stupid his gloom and doom is, Napolitano painted a dire picture of President Trump as a felon.

After Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen was sentenced to three years in prison, Smith teed up Napolitano with this: “Prosecutors have told us through these filings that they have evidence that the President committed a felony.”

Naturally, Napolitano heartily agreed:

The felony is paying Michael Cohen to commit a felony. It’s pretty basic. Somebody hires you — A hires B to shoot someone. A is as liable as if he had pulled the trigger. You pay someone to commit a crime, they commit the crime, you are liable, criminally liable for their commission of that crime, as well as they being liable. That’s what the prosecutors told the federal judge.

Keep in mind that this is coming from the same Judge FakeNews who called proven liar Christine Blasey Ford “exceptionally credible” after hearing only a few minutes of her testimony.