Vision of Mumblit and Moving Forward

Mumblit has a big vision when it comes to bringing free speech social media to everyone, check out how we plan to do so, and out goals for the next 6 months!

Mumblit has been experiencing a lot of growth as of late, and with the expected growth to exceed over 4000% in the next 3 months, we have established set guidelines on h ow we are moving forward. This means we plan on rolling out several features and campaigns over the next 6 months in order to establish our place as a freedom network, promoting free speech throughout social media.

The following is our rollout plan:

  • 1-2 weeks: Implement fixes to current apps in order to allow for usability.
  • 1-2 weeks: Implement a large scale contact importer for invites to Mumblit.
  • 3 weeks: Create a video upload platform for video monetization and subscribers.
  • 3 weeks: Implement a usable post scheduler, for all status updates and content.
  • 1 month: Start implemenetation of a livestream protocol, with record functionality.
  • 1 month: Tweak all analytics to display on a dashboard for profiles/pages.
  • 2 months: Lure investors and advertisers for business pages.
  • 3 months: Create a labeling system for special statuses (media, author, celebrity, ect.)
  • 4 months: Invest into cloud infrastructures to better load balance servers.
  • 5 months: Create more refined notifications system with opt-out preferences.
  • 6 months: Hopefully being profitable to move forward with additional features.

Although it may seem basic, our plan to move forward will support tens of millions of members, and proper balance the servers so that they are not overloaded, and we can phase into better resources as we grow. We already have a nice list of investors who have put cash into these ideas and have seen their ideas come to life. Therefore, supporting the platform only results in better services and more things to do!

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