Grace Under Pressure

Less than a year into the Trump Presidency, I wrote a post entitled "Grace Under Pressure" for the "Political Junkie" category on the Life Speak forum of my website. I recently revisited my post and as I re-read it, I thought of the many more things our President and First Lady have endured. I could never be more proud! Since I am new to this forum I wanted to share my post with you...

Original Post: October 4, 2017

Tonight I was watching commentary on the President and the First Lady's handling of the tragedies that our nation is enduring and has suffered over the last couple of months. The thought came from a quote that proclaims "if you could carry the pain and suffering of all those around you, you would not be able to handle or shoulder it all." The commentator went on to say that President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump have "pretty much done just that."


President Trump  First Lady Melania

Put aside what you personally think of our American President and his soft spoken wife for a moment - whether you agree or disagree with their policies, whether you like or dislike their personalities. Love them or hate them, as leader of our nation, commander in chief and comforter in chief, they have faced everything from staunch resistance of the opposite political party and their followers, 24/7 criticism from the media concerning everything from what they say to what they wear, from what they do to what they eat. They have been accused of every despicable act imaginable both criminal and immoral. Every minuscule detail of their personal past, their business past and their social past has been dug into. Their family members have been attacked, mocked and ridiculed - even their eleven year old son and unborn grandson. Death threats have been boldly issued from obscure haters to prominent celebrities. Plays have depicted assassination and a comedian depicted a beheading while people laughed and cheered. Crowds have protested, riots have been orchestrated putting supporters and citizens in harms way. Neighborhoods, local businesses, communities, universities and cities have been ransacked, looted and faced destruction of property.
Beyond that, the President and First Lady have dealt with military disasters of colliding ships, crashed planes resulting in loss of life of military personnel. An unhinged dictator has threatened nuclear attacks on our homeland and international terrorists have been relentless in their propaganda and violent war against humanity. A domestic terrorist ambushed members of the Senate at a baseball practice. In the last couple of months, they have faced three devastating hurricanes on American soil and most recently the worse mass shooting in the history of the United States.
Think about ALL of this for a moment. Everything that has happened has occurred in the space of just nine months! The strongest of us would buckle under such pressure. We would either lose our minds or walk away. President Trump and his wife did not have to take on this task of leading our country. They had everything one needs in life. They are not politicians. Even more, they are not even taking their salary for shouldering literally the weight of the world. How would you fare each night when you laid your head down to rest? Would any of us even be sane through such pressure, resistance and tragedy? I know it would be more than I could endure. Yet through all of this, they have stood in the face of adversity, of opposition and most recently, of criticism over every step they take in response to tragedy and crisis - with strength, leadership and grace under pressure working and striving for unity of us all as Americans. I am confident in saying that I don't think anyone could stay as focused, as determined or as positive. I know I couldn't - could you? I couldn't walk a step in their shoes, let alone a mile. I personally have a great deal of respect and compassion for them shouldering so much and trying to encourage and unite in the face of it all. It shows incredible strength and courage. This is true leadership.