Yellow Journalism - We Should Be So Lucky

Read further as I pass on the gift of understanding of what our modern TV news establishments really are.

Where did all the news go?

Image from The Saint Paul globe. (St. Paul, Minn.) 1896-1905, July 13, 1902

The term is "yellow journalism." For newbies, it means one sided reporting and it has been around as long as news.

As rotten as yellow journalism ever was it was one thing that is not in evidence today. It was journalism.

This is the lesson. Traditional journalism in America is dead. You knew that much. If you're young you have known nothing different, and if you are older at least you have old style yellow journalism to compare to.

The gift is this: Journalism is dead. CNN, MSNBC, and to some extent even Fox are simply instances of... TV stations which host 24 hour opinion yakathons. They present little or NO news at all. They are disreality TV operations only. Not much different from the SyFy Channel or the Disney Channel. Not much different from ESPN or TMC.

Today, in place of news we get...entertainment.

And we deserve better.

The takeaway is this: Go somewhere else for your news. Skip TV.