My country

The changes, I have seem over the years!


Grew up in a small town in MI! Growing up in a small town has so many advantages, over city living. As a kid, I got to go hunting, fishing, camping, and got to really enjoy outdoor life.  It was a quite town of maybe 2500, located on Lake Huron, so all I had to do was walk out my door,and I was on the lake, to either fish, or in the summer swim. The water was clean, and clear, the town was slow and easy, back then, I couldn't wait to leave, and go see the world! Witch I did!

Walked to school, no parent drove me, like they do today! We had busses, during high school,, but again, no parent was there to drive you the rest of the way, you walked. Plus after school, we either played ball, (baseball or football , depending on the season. If I didn't play ball, I could walk about 1 mile,. ans go hunting, no one paniced if I carried a gun through town, or to school for that matter. In the summer, I got up real early, and went fishing, got back around 1000 cleaned the fish, and sold them, so I would haver bait money for the next day, mowed lawns, no power mower, had a push type, had a garden, and sold veggies door to door, so always had money. Not much, but enough. As I look back, it was a really good time in my life. I now live is a so much faster paced world, and long to have that slower pace!

I wanted to see the world, so as soon as I got out of school, off I went. Joined the Navy, went to Calif for boot camp, as far as I could get from MI. Didn't see much of the world in the Navy, 2 years on the west coast, and then to the east coast, and spent my time there. Should have stayed in for my 30 years, but got out! Mistake! I really cannot complain, as I have had a good run, got to see 48 of these great states, sure some are so much better than others, but still got to travel. The one thing I really hate about retirement is having to stay in one place all the time. I no longer will get paid to travel, bummer!Loved meeting different people, and seeing so many different things, You can keep New England, and Calif. Calf, is one of the dirtest states, I have ever been in, plus, they tax you for everything under the sun. Besides to many liberals live there.  Love the mountians of the west, and the people are so friendly. Still would love to go to AK, and HI, but might not make it. 

Have worked many different jobs, from a electrical draqftsman in a shipyard, to shoveling horse shit on a horse farm, to training racehorses, on the tracks, and ended up as an over the road truck driver. So it has been an interesting run. Lover the driving, as I still want to see what is over the next hill. Those were the days, not sure if it is as good now, and back then. The govt, has gotten involved, and you no longer can make a good living driving a truck. Well, everything the govt gets involved in, they screw it up! The one thing I do not miss, is the driving in the snow and ice! No snow, or ice here in FL! But 80 degree weather in Jan, suck also! 

The changes I have seen over the years, are awsome. When I was a kid, no one had to lock their doors, as all of the neighbors looked out for each other. Now, I hardly even talk to my neighbors. Crime was low, when I moved here to FL, there was almost nothingt going on, other than some DUI's. Now, there is a killing at least every day, and I hardly go anywhere without carrying a gun. Hope I never have touse it, but like a Boy Scout, I am perpared! When I first moved here, there was no traffic, now we have traffic jams, and the cars bumper to bumper. We have the "Villages" here a tow/city that grew up out of orange groves, and farmland, now number over 75,000 people. Not all are year round as we get a lot of snowbirds, So our sleepy little cracker town, now has crime, and congestion, just like every town and city.  Love it in the summer, as all of the snowbirds are gone, but come the first cold spell up north, back they come! SO now, we have to lock doors, and cars at night, other wise, things seem to walk away! Also helps to have a couple of dogs!

People, are no longer civil to each other anymore! Just look at how the congress treat each other! I do not think elections were ever lovie dovie, but in todays election cycle, is is disgusting! The loosers, are like spoiled children, and act accordingly. At tiumes, I am so glad, I am an old fart, and do not have much longer to live, as this once great country is going to ther dogs. There is no respect, anymore, for each other or other peoples things!

One of my biggest bitches, is these tele-marketers. I cannot get much done, with out one of these people calling me to want to sell me something. Have asked many time to be taken off the call list, but to no avail! After the same call many times, I then get really nasty, but it does no good....Grrrr

They say, you can never go back, and they are right. Have tried it a few times, and it didn 't work out. Have left a good job, and tried to move on, but when it didn't work out, so went back to the old job, just not the same. So I guess it is always better to move on, always go foreward!One thing I have learned over these many years, is that the grass, is not greener on the other side of the fence! That also works for girlfriends, and wives. 

Now, I am very much a Conservative, a Nationalist, and a Christian. So if you are against any of these, sorry, I really do not care to listen to your crap! Trump, is my man, if you do not like him, don't reply. Do not care for Muslim's, think they are maggots, and should be terminated! If this turns you off, please do not respond, and we shall get along. This is my country, I speak English, and so should you, if you don't, then learn it before you contact me. If these words upset you, to bad, go somewhere else and complain, as it will do you no good here. Other than that have a great day.  MAGA!