You Want Permanence? Write A Book AND PRINT It.

You Want Permanence? Write A Book AND PRINT It. Impermanence is the hallmark of the electronic internet. Read on...


You Want Permanence? Write A Book AND PRINT It. Impermanence is the hallmark of the electronic internet. Want to test my theory? Unplug your computer. Just pull the plug. See what happens.

Breitbart is running war on lying Google these days...but it will come to zip. And why? Bekez Breitbart has zero enforcement capability. They can't charge Google with being the monopoly it is and break it up. Google thumbs its rancid nose at Breitbart...and you too if you use Google.

Here is the Breitbart link to their arkle for what good it will do you....

Like...whatcha gonna do about it? Stop using Google? Trade them in for a different left run monopoly?

There is the "I Want"....which I see a lot of... "I'm gonna do this and that..." and there is the real world where there is little to nothing any of us can do about the state of the state.

The ultimate threat to Google is congress and congress is partially owned by Google. Congress knows how to reward its funders.

I don't present this as another gloom and doom piece. Enough of that going around. I simply deliver the news. The nail that sticks up will be hammered down.

Tis a fact that WE are our own worst enemas. And you may so MrOT?

I'll tell you... As so called conservatives our attention span is about 175 characters. About 4 nanoseconds. Conservatives are TACTICAL in the extremis. That is...of the moment. We can't hold a thought for more than the beat of a gnat wing.

Whereas the honored opposition....the muck dwelling basement dems are STRATEGIC... They hold their thoughts, hates, etc forever....and forever...and forever. That is why they continue to win and we continue to lose.

Even our knights of the airwaves work for the progressives, in their way. EVERY one of them is REACTIVE.... Whereas the libsuckers are PROACTIVE. Progressives LEAD the conversation. Progressives CONTROL conservatives.


Tell you sumpin'.... If you're reading are sitting in an empty room. Anyone that even clicked...well, their eyes glazed over and they flitted off to something else after character 174.

Since we can't seem to get OUR house in order...dontcha think we DESERVE to lose ALL THE TIME? The worker bee gets the honey...and the libs are definitely drone dumb worker bees. They work! While we smirk and shirk. How much ORIGINAL content do you find ever here in the hallowed halls of TrumpTown? Reposts. Reprints.

Are we THAT dumb and dependent on the work of others...some of them bent on manipulating us? Do you got a brain?!!

Long after Rush. Hannity. Breitbart. TrumpTown... The libs will be in there pounding their same old country killers. They endure. We do not.