The Patriot_Pair Challenge: A Formula for Duplicating the Conservative Values in You by Educating Others.

Part 1: Introduction


Ronald Reagan: Freedom is a Fragile Thing.


"Freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than one generation away from extinction. It is not ours by inheritance; it must be fought for and defended constantly by each generation, for it comes only once to a people.”


We are in the middle of the extinction generation that Reagan was talking about. I believe the reasons freedom is being snuffed out are many, but pertaining to the individual, it is a matter of not caring or not knowing. Here we are going to focus on those not knowing.


Part 2: The Other Side of the Coin


Let me simplify the problem with a simple analogy. The state of the country can be seen as a coin on a table. It’s been placed there carefully according to which side the presenter wants visible. To the observer, it looks like the whole coin.


This is what happens with presenters like NPR, MSN, Yahoo, CBS, NBC, and so on. They show the easy side to see which they selected. It's so easy not to look at the other side, and it’s easy to believe none of them are wrong. And how could NPR be wrong, it's a GOVERNMENT mouthpiece. Notice that what you hear from all of them is the same. This coordination is the first red flag that you are not getting the whole story. There is another side of the coin entirely.


Now imagine if the coin can be set on its edge. All I ask of you who have never seen the whole coin is to look at the coin from all sides. Take 3 weeks to 3 months listening carefully to the selections in Part 4: The Resources. Some of you may not like what you hear at first. Put on your thinking cap and make a decision. That’s all I ask. I’m not here to argue with people who have their mind made up with no openness left there. This is for the person who is seeking knowledge. If you fall into this category, go to Part 4 and get started.



Part 3: The Patriot_Pair


I’m often encouraged by callers to some of my favorite radio talk shows when they say they have changed their way of thinking as a result of listening to the host. Imagine if all patriots could educate another about freedom and this great country. As of this writing, August 2, 2018, our justice system is going through the greatest period of corruption in the history of the nation. For some citizens, it is as if the greatest novel of mystery, intrigue, espionage, sedition, and corruption is set on the table before them and they have no idea. If only they picked it up and began to read. You can be the catalyst, the spark, the impetus to get the story opened to their eyes. What is going on now may go down as the greatest coup and abuse of power and influence in United States history.


All you need to do is make a friend, with curiosity like yours. Imagine if each one of us could reach one person. I’m not asking you to argue with someone and try to convince them, unless you like that sort of thing; that is a waste of time. There are vast resources available to do that very job for you.


My goal is to encourage you to take this task, and to give you the resources here. Throughout your day, watch and listen for one person, who does not know what you know and see if you can lead them to learn. I assure you that you will expand your knowledge and skills in defending and fighting for freedom as a bonus. The best part is that most of the dialogue will be done on your behalf through the professionals and resources listed below.


Another suggestion is to find out if a person prefers to read, listen or watch.


The point is, select from the resources listed here, educate yourself with them and educate others. I believe that for anyone with an open mind, there is a way to peak their interest.


Part 4: The Resources


One of my favorite talk show hosts is a man named Larry Elder. He is a self-described small l libertarian and shares his conservative views extraordinarily well.


Here is a great American, patriot, and lawman:


There is some fun to be had in the process. By now you may have heard of Diamond and Silk. Check them out for not just common sense but for kicks too.


Here is a great resource for educating, especially for anyone preferring videos. Dennis Prager and company have created a series of videos which to date can be found on YouTube, or here:


Look for movies produced by Dinesh D'souza.


For a guide on basic government, try this:


The Heritage Foundation


In my opinion, one of the first things anyone should do is listen to Rush Limbaugh. On at a different time usually is Sean Hannity, who is also viewable on FOX. If you like listening on internet, here are some talk radio stations I use so download the apps:


AM590 The Answer


770 KTTH Conservative Talk Radio


1110 AM Charlotte’s NewsTalk


As I list talk shows, keep in mind that podcasts are available for most, so if the time is not convenient, you may consider listening with your student anytime, anywhere.


Here are some news source apart from the fake news industrial complex:


One of the resources I have not yet found is a conservative, Spanish speaking host/teacher/educator. Feel free to contact me if you know that information. Update:


To understand the southern border issues watch Border Wars on youtube or tune in to Justice Network television.


For the person who likes to read books, find out what’s being written on


Also for readers, and a prime resource to understand how one side intends to tear down America:


Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky.


I won’t mention too many individual books here but to understand the “Russia meddling” thing look into: Gregg Jarrett


The Russia Hoax: The Illicit Scheme to Clear Hillary Clinton and Frame Donald Trump by Gregg Jarrett.


Urge young people to look up Steven Crowder.


Another exciting young man can be found here:


For the non-straight, search for the Walk away movement.


I intend to add many more resources here so check back for more ideas.