UPDATED! How should we fight back?

Republican Strategy How to fight back and put our foot next to Trump's

This is all getting a little crazy. I'm very worried about liberals actions and tactics, but how can we really fight them?

We are not actually deranged, so we probably won't ever grab bats and "ANTIFA" them back... We seem to win the arguments, but they don't accept it and seem to just scream racist. We all know the media is nuts, but that does not seem to be changing anything. 

I just hope we will figure out a way to heal, but not at the cost of concession. If I have any ideas, I will post them. (I'm actually a nice guy, so they won't involve baseball bats or any violence...)

I'd love to hear thoughts from others too!

As an RC guy I had been posting on a spin off site from Helifreak (http://helileaks.boards.net) when they eliminated their political forum. 

The biggest thing I learned by doing this is that it helps to talk about it.

I'm very happy to be in Trump Town!!



Let's do this... Let's encourage Trump BRAG on them! He's got the left so blind with rage, they will turn on anyone he says something good about, and they in actually DON'T have a majority in the house... Check out this logic.

We now have a 3 party system.

Republicans (Conservatives etc...), Democrats (Traditional, calm sense) and Democratic Socialists (The math challenged, raging and foaming at the mouth kind.)

Trump saying the good stuff about Pelosi last week and now, the rabid side of the Democrats are basically smelling blood in the water. Imagine what would happen if Trump simply tweeted that "Cortez is now shaping up to be a great and reasonable Democrat. She's now towing the party line and way smarter than anyone gave her credit for! I look forward to working with Ms Cortez after January."

He could in fact manipulate the rabid Democrats just as easily as the gaming commission gets Greyhounds to race around a track. (Throw a prompter in this case AWAY from wherever you want them to go, and they're off!!!)

Infighting can absolutely wreck a party. We Republicans know. And I think that at the current time, the Democrats are just too rabid to even know they're being manipulated. 

Cortez, a "Finger quotes in play - DEMOCRAT" for example won with a mask of "socialist insanity"... and "youthful vigor" so her folks expect her to shake things up HARD!!! She just said she will support Pelosi and pipe down... Let Trump brag on her for that, and she's either off on another rabid tyrade, or she "sold her constituents out"... 

Trump actually possibly has all of the cards. Imagine the destruction in the Democrat party if he actually took Cortez seriously enough to see what could be done on her agenda? "Hey, we can't get to free, but how would we drop the price of college nationwide? Lets talk about what we can squeeze and move around, and see how close we can get. We can hit healthcare next." 

The rabid elements would rage at their peers, or they would come together and legislate. Either way, Trump wins, and of course, we all win too. 

Identity politics just creates a total surge of unwinnable situations. We all know this, but it's covered up and ignored by the main stream media (MSM). All we have to do is expose those situations within the Democrat party.

  • New Muslim Representative? - Offer to get her to help lead anything positive for LGBTQ (Such as reform of the adoption system to better serve gay couples. Kids need a loving, safe home... There's more kids in foster care now than loving straight homes, so open the door to discussing this with her... because she "gets it". If her base is Muslim, she can't support this... and if her base is her PARTY, she can't NOT SUPPORT this...) - Republican's generally would not be against this either, I mean you have responsible loving gay couples just like you have depraved straight ones. You just want a kid to go to a good home. 
  • That would be an un-winnable situation the left has tabled to face at a later date. Trump actually has all the cards to simply drag them out under (and it isn't even a false flag, but a real one) a flag of potential cooperation, and hitting up the democrat on the wrong side of the issue, even for the Democrat party. 
  • Imagine if POTUS offered to start a conversation on this with a democrat and that democrat told him to pound sand. Hmm... 

Those are all actually easy wins, no matter how they turn out. With support you get some common sense steps in the right direction... without you light fires all over the Democrat's "SO CALLED" Majority.


So the Georgia governor election Republican Win, triggered a suggested boycott of the growing Georgia film industry which is pouring many film related (vastly liberal tilted) jobs into Georgia. Well, boycotting GA produced films might in the end stop a large influx of democrats into the state... so Democrats will be more likely to loose the next election the more successful the boycott is.

If I have to choose between keeping my guns or watching TV and Movie entertainment produced in my home state, sorry but take your butts back to LA and hands off my guns!

There are a millions of similar irreconcilable differences and indefensible positions swirling around within the Democratic majority.