Republicans Are Irrelevant - Republicans ARE Human Appendixes

How do dems get away with everything? Add abortion up to and post delivery to the mix. They get away with it because republicans LET THEM get away with everything. Read on...

Abortion on baby delivery day. After the kid is delivered. It's here. You have seen it on TV.

How could this have happened you may ax? MrOT has the answer.

It and every other bad thing dems do happen precisely bekez the people (republicans) we send to represent us and thwart (Never mind actually to achieve stuff and kick dem butt)....just to thwart dems....let dems get away with every awful thing they can think of. And dems can think of plenty. 

Processing facility in YOUR future?

Frankly MrOT does not have the solution. Dems have made sure that only the worst dregs apply to be republican legislators. Good men are frightened off. There are a paltry few exceptions, but they are quickly assaulted and bullied into silence.

While MrOT does not have the solution he knows the eventuality. It's not a particularly difficult prediction.

A relative handful of clinically insane democrats who have no stops in their ISIS-like brains will put the rest of in holding cages...for processing....and they will do it because republicans let them do it.

Too dark you cry? Boo hoo wah wah! Too real? Better to live in fantasy land where some movie hero always comes to save the day?

How many Trumps are there left out there? Sleep well.