Democrat Party - PARTY OF DEATH

Democrat Party - PARTY OF DEATH - We must make this our main meme from now to 2020 and beyond. For the sake of God and country...get this meme out there. Please. Read on...

Democrat Party - PARTY OF DEATH

The modern democrat party is nothing more than a frowzy cult of death. It screams DEATH.

You pick the topic. Dems are death. The latest, the death of just born infants. Dems are out of the closet about it... finally.

Hitler. Stalin. Mao. Pol Pot.

Nancy 'n Chuck

It's death to infants, death to America. Death to YOU if you cross them or you are old. It's a death cult.

The weapon that we have been seeking was just handed to us. The Democrat Party - PARTY OF DEATH.

I would invite and urge you any time you mention dems....add that the democrat party is the PARTY OF DEATH.