Of Black Face - Coon Jokes - Progressive Liberals - Abortionist Governors

Only in libland can a KK'er and a black face white guy share a beer.


In the matter of the latest abortion doctor from the Gosnell School, VA governor Ralph Northam....

Awhile ago I set about to write a scholarly article on abortion, blackface, and coon jokes in relation to liberals. (CBS News found that his 1981 yearbook at the Virginia Military Institute lists one of his nicknames as “Coonman.”.)

I deleted my unfinished and lengthy article (with historical pictorial and textual examples from NYC and San Francisco periodicals) for two reasons:

1. It would likely go unread because it breaks the 240 character rule.
2. It would be misinterpreted. Some things one can no longer print (reprint) unless one is a progressive liberal, then all things can be said....and DONE.

Suffice to say that I live in Alabama which is described in schoolbooks and lib literature as a hotbed of racism. Always was. Always will be. Is not so? Any third grader NYC student will tell you that.

And yet... here in the deep south going public in blackface would not be tolerated. Would not have been tolerated in my living memory and I was born in 1955. Would PARTICULARLY not have been tolerated in the school environment to the point of a general blood letting if attempted....and I'm talking about a white lynch mob setting things straight.

So....the governor really had a typical liberal democrat racial mindset in good old 1984. Had to have had to pursue his particularly unwise comedy craft.

Which is neither here nor there to MrOT, really. He is not easily offended. What does offend MrOT is a guy who will cast the killer bludgeon term "racist" about freely....castigate others, when his kittle is as black as they come. 

Northburp is not due to be run out of town on a rail because of his edgy comedy routine in 1984 (which no good hearted or sane southerner would have attempted)...no. He needs to be tarred and feathered and THEN run out of town because his transgression is of biblical and kharmatic proportions.

The guy even admitted his guilt on Friday and then after a good night's sleep he pasted his fake grin on, performed a Jedi-like absolution during his morning toilet and then denied it on Saturday.

He's got to go. smile

Democrat Party - PARTY OF DEATH marches on!