Only extraordinary men awaken and transform using the Golden Ratio to live a life of Wisdom & Righteousness

Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States therefore has been inducted into the Master Survivor Beyond Ph.D. Hall of Fame


Like Johnny Delirious, Donald Trump uses raw prudence to face insidious and diabolical problems that have plagued his life as well as many others in his family and business. As a tenacious and intelligent optimist; wanting to persevere in the negative environment of our world; he transformed into a positive deviant to survive. This quality of character could not have stood a more tenacious and insidious test than when he became the 45th President of the United States. His unbridled persistence to get the power back to the people has broken all negative expectations and sustained new hope for our nation's future. Therefore, he may choose to deviate from the norm and stand separate from convention in order to achieve the right path for the United States of America. With practical common sense solutions and a keen eye for successful entrepreneur ship the American Dream is not only restored, it is thriving to new heights. In the protests of freedom in France, Belgium and around around the world, they scream "We Want Trump." Elected by the people and working for the people Donald Trump is universally recognized as a “NewAge Hero”. 

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