Management Decision

Hardees made a MANAGEMENT DECISION which yielded disaster. And so goes the democrats. An object lesson by MrOT. Read on...

Last week six area Hardee's restaurants shut their doors and took down their signs. BAM!

So, you may ax, what? Well, I'll tell you so what.

The Hardee's Hamberder joint closest to my abode, at one time, was the top (most profitable) breakfast gathering spot in the whole southeast.

So what happened?

What happened was a Management Decision. Management took a look and decided to change the uber successful model of fast food burgers and chicken into a gourmet experience dining. Expensive burgers on fancy buns. They also cheapened their breakfast menu....less better...not cheaper.

Management decided that southerners needed to eat gourmet. And if they didn't want to eat gourmet Hardees would force them to eat gourmet. Or go hungry. Unfortunately for Hardees southerners had other places to eat their fast food....and the other places gave them what they wanted. Fast, hot, cheap. Also tasty.

So folks quit going to Hardees. It was all predictable and predicted.

So what will happen to management who killed the business? Why, they will all retire to Florida with fat golden parachutes. That's what will happen to failed management.

So what has this to do with me, you might ax, as you eat your sausage biscuit while reading this.

What it has to do with you is an object lesson. Apply it to liberals and conservatives. Liberals have a notion of what's good for conservatives and they'll make sure they have their way, if given a chance.

And if their notion fails, as it most certainly will, they will retire to Florida with a fat golden parachute...leaving desolation behind.

You want permanance? Invest in a house with a kitchen. Invest in conservatism. Have it your way. Might not be as sexy as a gourmet dining experience hamberder or promises of free stuff....but it's guaranteed.