Free Speech – Another Look

I’ve given some serious thought to our plight, as cast-offs from the mainstream social media outlets, and it’s caused me to draw a few disturbing conclusions.

Free Speech – Another Look

I’ve given some serious thought to our plight, as cast-offs from the mainstream social media outlets, and it’s caused me to draw a few disturbing conclusions.

Since I wrote Freedom of Speech vs. the Internet Troll, I’ve had the nagging feeling that there was some, very important, aspect of the Second Amendment that I was overlooking.  Earlier today it finally dawned on me what I’d missed.  I understand most of you have, more than likely, already made this distinction but for those that haven’t, like myself, you may find this thought provoking.

Those of us who are Second Amendment fighters are familiar with the debate, promoted by those who would love to destroy our Constitution, that we pro-gun people aren’t understanding the spirit of the Second Amendment; that the Founding Fathers held a different interpretation than we do today.  I firmly believe that many of us are guilty of doing such a thing with the First Amendment; that we’ve lost track of the original meaning of those who brought that amendment into being.  We no longer have a grasp on the assurance they bestowed upon us.

I’ve come to dislike the phrase freedom of speech because, to me, it doesn’t accurately represent, what I feel to be, the intent of those who penned the Amendment guaranteeing that right already held by Americans.  The phrase free speech could refer to a man speaking to himself, alone, in a closet where no one can hear him.  I’m sure those wise men never had any intention of promising something so utterly ridiculous.  I am, however, certain that those brilliant and brave men wanted to assure us of our right to be heard, not just to speak.  To me, that’s one of the most important distinctions in the entire Constitution; the right to speak and, more importantly, the right to be heard when one does speak, even if what we have to say isn’t popular with every American.

As many of us are already aware, our rights are under attack by the Left who will, seemingly, do anything it takes to silence those on the other end of the spectrum, namely, we Conservatives.  Social media has become the 20th and 21st century version of the village square where, previously, one could go to speak and, most importantly, be heard by others no matter what opinions or concepts were being advanced.  This modern, electronic village square, represented by the likes of Facebook, Twitter and others, has proven to be a very efficient means of censoring our side of the spectrum.

In the days before two-way electronic communication one would need to physically travel to the town square and confront the speaker if one wished to silence him.  Such a confrontation required the person, who wished to censor the speaker, to possess a certain amount of courage and even integrity.  The proposed censor needed to feel strongly enough about his desire to censor that he was willing to risk his reputation and, often, his physical well-being, to stop the speaker from speaking and again, most importantly, being heard.

Today, the modern censor is required to have all the backbone of a garden slug and the integrity of an ambulance-chasing, shyster lawyer to silence their target.  An element of risk has been removed from the equation; an element of risk that, previously, limited the actions of the proposed censor.  A consequence has been removed; a consequence that seems to be required in a free society.  Today a censor never faces the probability of being knocked on his ass for attempting to usurp a right held by the speaker.  He never risks the public embarrassment or physical injury that used to be a factor in limiting such behavior in our society.  Today, all that anonymous, smarmy, sleazy, left-leaning, arrogant, poor excuse of a person needs to do to censor is to push a button, or even more likely, develop an algorithm to push the button for him.  He does so with no risk to life or limb.  He does so with impunity.  When any negative action becomes so risk-free it’s likely to be abused to the point of becoming oppressive.  This is exactly what’s happened.

To better understand this condition, we need to understand why we’re being censored.  The positions, or beliefs, of the Left have become more extreme and outrageous over the years.  In our current rush to Socialism/Communism their platform has become a mass of outright lies and propaganda.  Their beliefs have become so ludicrous that they will not stand up to any serious scrutiny or debate; they must be believed unconditionally, or they won’t be believed at all.  Opposition must be silenced at all cost or their world will come crashing down like a house of cards.

We, Conservatives, are the opposition.  We hold the information that can expose the Left for precisely what it is.  We are the ones being silenced out of necessity.  Social media and the news media must promote the party line and only the party line or the party will fail miserably.  Therefore, we are silenced.  We are prevented from promoting common sense, an accurate history and, most importantly, the truth.  We can not be allowed to speak and, most importantly, we can not be allowed to be heard.  This is accomplished by banning, among other actions.  They stop us from speaking and from being heard.  As we established earlier, speaking, and being heard are not the same concept. 

So far, I hope you’ll agree, everything’s made sense.  Before we move on let’s establish one, very probable, fact.  Those of us who have been banned, or silenced in any way, have taken a public, political stance that the Left finds unacceptable.  If all we did, on social media, was post pictures of the kids, grandkids, cats, dogs, gerbils, and humorous videos we probably weren’t treated poorly on Facebook, etc.  We became the enemy when we told the inconvenient truth.  Telling the truth made us an imminent threat and they felt we needed put down… and, often, put down hard.

For the last few days I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the way we’ve acted, or reacted, to being ostracized.  When I did that, I discovered a disturbing fact.  Actually, I found, what I consider to be, a very disturbing fact.  I’ll point out the problem(s) I see and maybe we can reach some sort of resolution.

After our favorite social media outlet, unceremoniously, kicked us to the curb we went in search of a new home; one where we would be accepted for what and who we are.  One where we could speak freely and voice our ideals to people, who for the most part, thought very much like we do.  We all support the President, law and order, border control etc. and now are free and able to… preach to the choir.  We’ve, in effect, been neutered like a house pet.  We’re like animals in a zoo; we no longer interact with the rest of the herd.  Damn it, damn it to Hell and back… the Left won.  They’re finally rid of us.  No longer are we a danger; a threat to spread truth, justice, and the true American way.  We sit in our little cage and talk to other Deplorables.  We are no longer a threat.  They may as well have come to our homes and put a bullet in our brains.  The social utopian media is rid of the Conservative disease; they’re rid of us.  I believe I heard them say something like  “Good riddance, and don’t let the door hit you on the ass.”  We are speaking freely but those who need to aren’t hearing us.

Sadly, that wasn’t the disturbing part.  The disturbing part is that since we’ve found an outlet where we can, so far, exercise “free speech,” we’ve taken to inviting all our like-minded friends to join us here where we have hot and cold running Conservatives with nary a Leftist in sight.  We are siphoning off some of those still fighting the battle.  We’ve welcomed them to come join us and to preach the Conservative gospel to a mass of people who already believe.  We’ve encouraged their defection from the cause.  We’ve encouraged them to go AWOL from the battle.  We’ve benefited the Left.

We are preaching our little hearts out; we’re speaking freely, but we’re not being heard by the very people who need to hear us.  We are speaking freely in a closet full of people who think like we do.  That’s not freedom of speech… that’s glorified repression and we’ve accepted it.  We’ve even become thankful for it.  Don’t ever call a Leftist stupid.  When you do, you’re doing yourself, and your compatriots a great disservice.  Always give your enemy the highest respect… you owe it to yourself… not him.

In all fairness I do recognizing that we are generating better informed Conservatives, but a mere believer’s vote counts just as much as an expert’s

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