Want Permanance? Got Something To Say? Invest In Your Own Website

Want Permanence? Got Something To Say? Invest In Your Own Blog. Get YOUR OWN website. Basic howto from MrOT.

Want Permanance? Got Something To Say? Invest In Your Own Blog

I have built in excess of 70 websites in my time. I began computing in 1985, got online, sort of, computer BBS'ing in 1986, and built my first internet website in 1998. Built sites for myself and for others.

All you have to do is to build...one...for yourself. Piece of cake compared to what it used to be.

So why own my own site you may ax.

Thing is my friend, when you partner up with someone else's website...even TrumpTown, you are at their mercy. If they decide to pull the plug then all your hard work is down the drain. Ouch.

Yak denziens come in two forms; Those who think what they say is important and those who are just playing. If you are the former then you ought to invest in YOUR OWN digs. That way it's YOU who decides when to call it a day.

For instance...You know that in today's world the typical freebie platforms like Twitter and YouTube kick good people to the curb all the time. With your own place you don't have to worry about things like that. Chances are good that you won't kick yourself to the curb. I could give you umpteen jillion examples of folks getting jilted by leftist entities such as the above, but I'm pretty sure you already have a notion.

What do you recommend MrOT?

Before I tell you what I recommend let me tell you what I don't recommend. I don't recommend any of the freebie website builder places, and that especially includes Blogger. Your tools are limited and your work will never be seen.

The ONLY way to go is to build your own blog using Wordpress.

There are two forms of Wordpress, btw. There is the free Wordpress and the bought and paid for Wordpress. Skip the free one. Again, your tools are limited and you can be kicked to the curb.

The yearly cost of running your own site is less than $160, for EVERYTHING you want. Everything you can imagine. Any way you can imagine...no limits. This is the way you want to go.

What does this include MrOT?

That little dab of confidence will get you two things:

  • One year hosting contract with a reliable hosting firm. Includes emails and all the bells and whistles.
  • A domain.

When you set out to do your own site you must pay a company to host the site. You are renting time on one of their servers. A server is a hard drive. You have a hard drive or two on your computer. They have jillions of hard drives and your website will live on one of their hard drives. From there it feeds out to the world.

Also you must have a domain. TrumpTown Dot Com is a domain. Your job is to think up a nifty title that no one else has thought of and register it as your domain. You tell the host what the domain is and they take it from there.

Where do I get a domain?

There are two common ways to get a domain. One way is to purchase your domain from your hosting company when you purchase hosting.

The second way is to purchase a domain from a domain company. I use a place called Directnic. I pay $10-$13 bucks or so a year to this place for each of my domains and when I'm ready to construct a site I point the domain to the hosting comapany. It is easy. No hassle.

But if you choose to purchase both hosting and domain from the same place it's even easier. I won't go into the details here. When you're ready you'll figger it out. Again..it's as easy as filling out the signup paperwork.

Let me put one other bug in your ear before we move on. Especially in these times being anonymous when doing politics is important. After all we don't have lawyers and bodyguards like the rich folks now do we? For a few bucks more a year you can have your anonyminity with your domain. That is, your personal info is hidden...else anyone can go to WhoIs and LOOK YOU UP. For a little extra nobody needs know who you are unless you want them to. Of course, this applies only to webmasters who are on the up and up. The authorities will find you out if you're publishing dangerous stuff. Which, you won't be because you are a conservative site owner afterall.

Where do I get hosting MrOT?

I use a place called HostGator. Here is the link...


I always recommend the Baby Plan. In short, you might think it overkill at first...but it has the best flexibility and growability for the money that you will come to appreciate.

Keep in mind that it is what is called an "affiliate link" which means if you click and purchase MrOT gets a commission. You can't save even a penny by going elsewhere. That's the way it works for all affiliates. Furthermore, from time to time HostGator offers sales. They can come and go in the blink of an eye. Affiliates usually get word about them early and when I do I'll let you know....if you're interested. Just let me know in a comment.

I would really urge you to wait for a sale, and in the meantime do your homework reading up on making pages.

How do I make pages MrOT?

I'm mighty glad you asked because that's what it's about isn't it?

After you sign up for your Gator plan and nail down your domain there, or with another domain registrar you will create a Wordpress website. Just a few clicks and it's done. In a day or so you will visit your new domain and see a page that says, "Hello World". Now you have a website! YOU are ONLINE!

After that it's up to you to go about populating it with pages...or a blog....or just about anything you can think of. What's more, if you'd rather host a FORUM...well, you can do that too. A forum is different from a website. You have been to forums....lists of messages.

But for my money I'd go the website route. It's a lot easier and less ongoing headachey to understand and use than a forum. Believe you me on that.

Simply put you will first create the look of your Wordpress site... and then you will start building pages. If you have successfully created a PAGE on TrumpTown then you already have a good idea of what is involved.

HostGator does have a free web page builder....but I'd skip that. Stick with Wordpress, today's modern platform.

Beware...there is a steep learning curve, and a continuing education one at that to produce a really fine Wordpress site....but once you catch on it's as easy as falling out of bed. No kidding. Even little kids can do it.

If you can operate Microsoft Word then you also can be a webmaster. It is no more difficult...just dfferent.

A website is made up of text and photos. Think of it like making flyers for a church project. You will need some sort of photo processing software. You don't have to get a copy of Photoshop.... There are tons of free photo processing places on the net. It just take a few more steps to get a picture just right to place on your website. That's all.

If you can use Word...you are already nearly there.

Hey...if you'd like to see a dumbed down version of Wordpress, click "My Articles" on the left side of your TrumpTown home page and click CREATE.... You will be presented with a Wordpress Lite WYSIWYG editor. It may not make a lick of sense to you at first glance but you'd be surprised how quickly you can pick up the basics!

Thing is...there are buhzillions of tutorials on the net...Youtube as well, that will carry you step by step thorugh the process of formulating and bringing a web page into existence...photos included. After you do it a few times it's like I said...as easy as eating toast and jelly. But at the very beginning you will have to study up. If you're unwiling to do that, then you best stick with toast and jelly.

I used to teach Wordpress. I could have a rank beginner pupil up and running from scratch in 3-6 hours...as long as they knew how to use a mouse and save files....and that included basic photos with free tools.

The wrap...

So my friend. I often tell folks to quit simply reposting other folk's stuff and generate their own unique and valid text, articles, and all that great jazz. The left is far far far ahead of us. They are rump dumb and lack walking around sense...but they know their internet.

And so we must know OUR internet as well. Learning how to be a webmaster is fun and it can be rewarding. You probably will never make a nickel at it in monetary terms...but in peace of mind terms it can be a lifesaver.....and we NEED smart CONSERVATIVE page makers!

Get to it!