I support POTUS

My response to an Email from Trump Make America Great Again Committee to win a chance to have breakfast with the President, screen shot of the email body.

 To the Honorable Donald J. Trump,
President of The United States
and Senior Staff Supporters of
Trump Make America Great Again Committee,

Thank you for the invitation. As I have given in the past donations, I am giving my time by waking Patriots up. By starting a national civil action group. The S2 Project. I realize that this email will email will end up in someone's dead letter file or folder. For those that shout the loudest often hear the least. Including most conservative media sources.  So I'm just going to throw it out there. Keep reading.
The S2 Project is a civil action group of American Patriot Volunteers with focus on local and state politics. Where 85%+ of it happens. 1. Getting ahead of voter fraud.  2. Public education K through 12. Corruption in the town, city, county state houses.  We are not a newsletter. We are not a non-profit with our hands out. We do not sell merchandise with funny logos. We do not take donations, nor are we a funding source. So we can not be corrupted
What is the The S2 Project? We have adopted military intelligence practices for civilian use. Just as the QAnons are the NEWS on the internet. The S2 Project Patriots are, Qdrop 2812 , Civilian Patriot boots on the ground.

Our main virtual office is on the TrumpTown.com platform as we recruit to larger membership. With  a presence on GAB.com and USA.Life.com. We have a website forth coming and toll free number currently on soft launch (877) 783-7778  or { (URQ) 783-777Too } We are, Qdrop 2812 , Civilian Patriot boots on the ground.   
Our Email; [email protected]

I would very much like to meet POTUS DJT. But my time is more of value to him recruiting for the movement of MAGA. And leading a intelligence civil action group, getting my ugly former US Marine face in the media is far from a top priority.

I do believe this will end up in someone's dead letter file or folder. But by a far off chance a human dose read this, call that phone number.

Chris Oldham