The Cortex Factor - MrOT Fan Calls Rush Limbaugh

MrOT validated by caller to Rush today... Seein' is believin'.

It is a fact. The first time MrOT saw the -Occasio woman he trademarked the snarky term....

Ms. Occasional-Cortex.

He had hoped to make a meme out of it but it was such a GREAT and DESCRIPTIVE and UNIQUE term that no one else dared steal it for their own nefarious purporses until today.

Today a woman, with zero doubt, a fan of MrOT, by the name of Rebecca called Rush...(actually it was her second call)....and used the term Occasional-Cortex.

This isn't the first time MrOT has scored. But it's been awhile.

Congratulate me.

Link to the event: