How to Promote a YouTube Channel / Blog?

How to Promote a YouTube Channel / Blog?


Where can I find a magic pill that will lead a million subscribers to your YouTube channel and how to make advertising so that those who subscribe to it develop from followers to customers? How does filming for placement on YouTube begin?

Niche channels have the most difficulties with those and other issues. But, I must say, there are those who are very cool in dealing with answers and decisions.

His channel appeared on YouTube a couple of years ago. At the moment, this is already a three-season documentary from different countries of the world, and 426,189 people in channel subscriptions.

Last year, National Geographic Traveler magazine awarded Pashkovsky the title of best travel blogger. If we talk about the cost, then the price of advertising integrations at Lena is $ 1,000 - $ 2,000. Moreover, in one video 1-2 companies. The price of one season package in the region of $ 6,000. The preparation processes, the trip itself and installation processing take about 10 months. The production itself and the smm promotion lie on Leni’s shoulders.

About seasonality
YouTube is always a risk, a trap and unpredictability, so you see the goal, at the end point of which you are at the head of Olympus, do not look back and only swim forward. Lenya repeatedly admitted in his interviews that while he was shooting a package of his films, his channel went into the basement of YouTube. Six months of filming, silence on the net and voila! According to the blogger, it’s extremely difficult to rock the mechanism after such stories, and he can’t afford it anymore. So remember that everything must be fast, otherwise your train will leave without you! Just keep an eye on the quality of the product. Fast does not mean bad.


About monetization
As we wrote above - for one season Lenya spent about $ 6,000. This amount also included tickets for airplanes, food, accommodation, and even equipment that he bought additionally. The basis for monetizing a blogger’s channel is definitely advertising. Remember, this is $ 1,000 - $ 2,000. Of this revenue, 10% is the YouTube affiliate program. Recall this has been working recently. Prior to this, one could not bother with authorship of music. According to the blogger, he did so until he realized that he was losing his money.

Lena launched a crowdfunding campaign to make a new season package. He described it as something like a merchandise store.

He requested 15,000 and by the beginning of August had already collected 16,000. Take note.


About working with advertisers
According to the blogger, customers who request advertising to agency come to it themselves. Since you can’t jump above the 2 integrations, there are requests that are still awaiting processing. And even with so much advertising, there are those who write negative in the comments that there are a lot of them, but for those, Lenya always has a link to his crowdfunding campaign. At the same time, the blogger is pleased that he does not come across those who are crazy about their editing requests. But, the blogger complains that it would not hurt the customer to carefully think through his proposal before contacting the blogger.

To this day, few people in our country have experience working with bloggers, although the whole world has long recognized this work as one of the best tools. Very few customers, for example, send utm tags, more often they are put by the bloggers themselves to collect statistics for themselves.

And even more effective is the advertising that is needed here and now. For example, a person who screws a patty on a laptop does not need credit cards. But the same Lenya had a lot of clicks on Chinese guides. People even wrote to him that they took his subscribers on these tours.

It’s also a good thing the blogger has a cashback service,

In the video, the ad worked poorly, but fine in the stream. There was a prize draw, a person during the stream had to register on one of the resources and do some actions. Promotional codes work well. On them, everything else can be tracked where the client came from.


About promotion
What to do to start from zero indicators? Many people think that you can go to the calculation of something mega cool. But this works in a completely different way:

- Write to the media. Lenya sent inquiries to dozens of popular ones, only three answered him. He also gave material to Pikabu, Leprosy, So the blogger began to increase subscriptions at the start, and he continues to work with this tool to this day.

- Collaborations are cost-effective, but this is a difficult segment, because both bloggers should have subscribers who have the same views.

- Really cool comes the opportunity to be in the recommendation of YouTube. The audience rushing cars.

Someone thinks that you need cool clickability. Image and title that match the content. And * oops comes in, but YouTube will deal with it faster than you think. The algorithm does not figure out what you have there - negative or positive * opa. Fly to the ban and point.


About the future of YouTube

The hour is not far off when YouTube will be recognized as an absolutely professional platform. Now there is already half the television beau monde. However, someone’s channels are coming in, but someone’s not, the whole story is that people no longer need faceted reports made according to all the principles, like those of Andrei Bednyakov or Anton Pushkin. An approach is needed that will hook, like Ksenia Sobchak or Leonid Parfyonov.

May successful SMM promotion be with you! You can always contact us for him! We will tell, show how to order an effective commercial. And the question: “How to promote a brand”, you will no longer have