Lambsy Mimsy Graham Offers Gun Control For Morons

Lambsy Mimsy Graham Offers Gun Control For Morons.... That is...offers legislation to take away guns. Offers up belly for a tickle from democrats. Read 'em and weep... El clicke...

Out of the blue...with everything else going on Lambsy Mimsy Graham Offers Gun Control For Morons


Graham is good. Little creepy feller. But then is the opposition....the wannabee conservative opposition. The fake conservatives. Possibly the paid lefty troll make believe conservatives.

A Learnable Moment:


First we have this story on good old Breibart...


And then we have this conversation on good old Breitbart...



This charming fellow, no doubt astute and well educated makes a series of questions.

Firstly the moron posts: "Graham better not do it or we gonna be REAL mad and stuff!!

Then The Max fellow introduces the bait: "What sort of mad thing will you do there my good fellow? Will you give us a hint.

The moron: " Wull, I'll get real mad an' real fierce. An' awww now I am bored an' you a troll or something. Duh. Text is hard! Wah wah boo hoo!"

The Max fellow: Then  the coop de gracy. Moron. All yip and no yap.

If you hang around in forums for awhile, and it doesn't take that long you shall see an ENDLESS parade of morons. Juvenile fugitives from the 8th grade. Absolutely 58741.9% predictable in their statements and their reactions. EVERY time. (EXACT SAME AS ROBOTROLL DEMS) Or maybe they are only 58741.9% predictable Macedonian farm hands following their script. Whichever.

Moral to the tale..... Offering useless grrr grrr threats is fun for morons. Intelligent conservatives offer up realistic GREAT solutions.

Stay away from the first and run to the second. You'll be more happy crappy.