You still don't get it do you?

Why I like winning and really being in the fight for liberty.


I like WINNING. I'm a Patriot because I'm doing more than this thing called social media. Because the fact is a click here or a like there is no more than comfort food. I'm recruiting for an organization high and low because I like winning. We are at WAR. Whether you believe it or not. A social political war for the very survival of the United States and her Constitution. Let's face the fact that clicks and likes will not get the job done completely. Action out in the real world IS REQUIRED.

I like winning. But all I am seeing is loosing from citizens eating their digital comfort food. For months I have been putting out the call of action. And there you sit. Munching away. Do scorn me for doing more? Am I hated because I have used many dollars in defense of my country and and not asked for a dime of help? Or is it that you dislike the fact that I make the comparison of true Patriot to the pretenders?

What ever your motivations are my motivation is to win. I'm looking doers. They're the winners. Not the sitters that just don't get it. Trading and hour a week of social media or TV time can go a long way.

We call it the S2 Project. 1-877-783-7778. 

Patriot to the pretender... Now is the time to chose!