Do you want to be a Master Survivor?

Master Survivor Program tells the secrets of how Johnny lived when the doctors over 25 years ago told him he would die in less than six months. Now is your chance to learn Johnny's secrets in this special offer.


Do you want to be a Master Survivor?


Death looked me in the eye and I choose life! Maybe you are like me and want to live. The first step is to order your HTMA for $200 and to get my Premium Consultation purchase my ebook the Master Survivor Program,Beyond Ph.D.  You will then be entitled to the full program of me working with you to attain happiness, balanced health and graceful aging. What that means is you will have a life time reference guide to follow that explains how the HTMA works, with profound health secrets not found anywhere else and unlimited coaching from me by email whenever you have a question.


In many of my workshops in the past I used to say “if you are healthy you are happy and if you are always happy you are healthy.” Happiness is our goal. With that said please realize that using the HTMA for balancing the body’s minerals to attain vibrant health is the gateway to happiness. Its all about balance of the cells. The HTMA is a lost and unknown science. In Dallas; James Davenport and Jeffrey Bland in Davenport Labs taught me well, but that was a long time ago in the 70s and early 80s. Since then Jim has passed on and Jeff has gone on to be a national authority and consultant biochemist who has now retired. I am the only one left who truly understands the HTMA to attain better health.


When you purchase the HTMA the Master Survivor Program then you can utilize my Master Survivor Program Premium Consultation. If my clients are serious about getting healthy and follow this program they are choosing life even when death looks them in the eye. The core healing track is the supplement and diet recommendations from the HTMA based on their biochemistry. We should retest with new hair every 6 months because your body chemistry changes and then you will have a new diet and supplement program to follow. I also provide a complementary telephone consultation with each HTMA. After 4 tests (2 years) I will formulate in writing an assessment that shows where you have been and where you are going biochemically all supported and proven using your 4 HTMAs. This shows the progress you have made and where you are going.


Its been over 35 years that I have been a professional in the health industry when I was involved in Davenport Laboratories first as Vice President and then as Chairman. We had over 325 medical doctors who supplied their patient’s hair when we would do the hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) for them. If they had a problem with one of their patients following the program, they would call me. Helping them with their patients for over three decades; in general, I have learned exactly what works. Over the years, I have seen most of the people who did the HTMA fall into three or four basic categories.


The first group are the ones who get the HTMA but they don’t follow the diet and/or supplement schedule. Of course they never get results, improvement or any change. They throw away $200 and the valuable information of their present biochemistry. The reasons they don’t follow the protocol usually revolves around laziness and/or unwillingness to change anything in their lifestyle and many keep eating only fast food. But in the end, they all say its not for me, not valid and does not work. Well, of course nothing worked and nothing changed because they did not do anything different and did not use the data, information and conclusions from this valuable diagnostic analysis.


Some people who do follow the HTMA program get results right away. They find a sense of well being and their stress and pains are rapidly gone. One example is my own brother; Robert. Who at 70 years old had back aches, his feet would hurt so bad he would loose sleep and also had many other problems. He did the HTMA and followed the protocol and within the first week, his back and foot pains went away and now he can sleep at night. The change was dramatic. Now he is a believer.


Still there are others who may not realize any improvement right away or changes at all; like my girlfriend Billie Sue. She is very disciplined and follows the schedule thoroughly. However, she keeps telling me “since I started the HTMA program, I did not feel any different but everyone else around me has changed for the better”. For example she says her grown kids don’t have as many problems anymore. I keep telling her it is because Mom has improved. Her accountant who only sees her once a year to do her taxes told her that she was so much more organized this year than ever before. The CPA finished the tax return quicker, the bill was cheaper and she got a bigger refund. After that Billie put the pieces together and finally agreed with me, that, yes the HTMA program is really helping her.


Then there are the skeptics. Usually ones who believe in the fake science and fake news about HTMA. Sometimes they will get the test done just to please their wife or a friend. People like doctors and other experts that say the HTMA for biochemistry in the body and nutritional recommendations to follow is just bunk. Yet, in all 50 of the United States, judges and courts of law use the results of HTMA as forensic evidence to know what happened to the deceased victim of a crime. Hmm…., lawyers, judges in the courts; they are experts too; right? Hmmm; With the HTMA the forensic detective finds real clues; like too much arsenic or drugs that may not be found in the blood or urine or any where else in the autopsy of the individual. For the health practitioner, the data of the HTMA show mineral levels in the body of their clients which are the vital keys to knowing where to start to bring true balance of the biochemistry into the human cells. Thus, for both the doctor and the detective the mystery is solved.


Over time if people are truly following their program some may not notice any big changes, but they avoid major health problems. When nothing dramatic (good or bad) is happening to their health or their body day in and day out for months and years some people in this last category get bored. This group may begin to wonder if spending $200 twice a year is really worth it. The biggest frustration for me is when I see some abandoning their program after a year or so because they say I feel fine, and then say, “I don’t need it.” After they quit and without fail, their balance slips away and some may get a major illness or make bad decisions and their health rapidly goes down hill. However, all the ones who continue to stay on the their HTMA program (and retest every 4 to 6 months) have one thing in common. They do not get sick anymore. Do you understand why this is so valuable? So what is the life time reference guide to follow that explains how the HTMA works titled; Master Survivor Program; Beyond Ph.D? First, it is an ebook that I can provide you access too. Let me explain:



Master Survivor Program; Beyond Ph.D. is destined to be another one of Johnny’s Best Selling Books. It is endorsed, edited and forwarded by international journalist and reporter Mark Anderson. You will learn eye-opening hidden truths about life time planning for better health in these pages. What do you get from this complete e-program?


The Master Survivor Program, Beyond Ph.D

Learn how not to be sick again; EVER!

Learn about today’s Mad Hatter epidemic

Learn the real story behind the Germ Theory

Learn about how pharmaceutical drugs were created

Learn why the flu is such an epidemic and how to avoid it

Learn why food can be the best medicine or your kryptonite


A Comprehensive Lifetime Guide for:



Weight Loss

Immunity Strength

Disease State Reversal


Special Bonus Offer:

Purchase the Master Survivor Program for $200 and then you get Johnny’s


Master Survivor Program Premium Consultation

Johnny will provide Consultation for 2 years with a final assessment

The patient will get retested with the HTMA every 6 months


After 2 years, 4 HTMAs and using the Master Survivor Program as a guide you the client will gain health and wisdom that is truly Beyond Ph.D.


You health and your body should be under your control! Now is your moment to start on the best natural health journey available today. To get started contact me right away [email protected] or call 972 825 7912


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