Games for the throne

About the games of HBO regarding game of thrones

The final season of the game of throne is coming in april. this season is the finale of all the adventure ,fun and thrill so dont miss to watch game of throne season 8 episode 1 on 14 april 2019


Forget winter, ‘Game of Thrones’ is coming as HBO is all set to release to final season on 14th April. It is almost less than a month to see who will sit on the Iron Throne. The countdown has started and fans are desperate to know even a small detail from Game of Thrones. HBO started with releasing the buzzy footage of “coming soon” teaser. Then they released in which month the final run of Thrones would premiere. It didn't stop here, they distracted the fans by releasing the ‘our first footage out of Winterfell’.

This time HBO has stepped up his game and they started with a campaign #ForTheThrone. In this campaign, they have to hide six ‘Iron Thrones’ at six different locations scattered around the world. They are challenging fans to literally bleed and find the Iron Throne. They hired 18 artists from around the world and asked them to put their stamp on the iconic prop ‘Iron Throne’. HBO has partnered for this campaign with the American Red Cross. Now, this is pretty interesting and creative to keep the excitement and curiosity increasing about the final season of GOT.