What really is social media?

Social media and what is good for or not?


Social media. What is it really? Its a phone company where your conversations and thoughts stick to the bathroom stall. Whether that stall is gold plated in an ivory tower or something left over in a 1940's garage covered in rust. Most of it has nothing to do with the quality of content. For the most important find might be in that garage. The less worthy stuck to the gold plate.

What I see as the opposition controls most of this vast phone company on a the whole. So how to make lemonade with sour lemons? Find sweeter lemons like the one I post this blog on. That is one way. The sweeter trees they grow on are now sprouting some. Or one could be critical thinking and diabolical enough to dare turn said phone company against its owners?

Let that peculate between ears for a while.

There is a saying, “Inch by inch it's a sinch.”