First page of The S2 Project HOW TO Manual



The reason most activist groups have limited success is that they have gone with the typical non- profit corporate model. Working as one against the world. Though they recruit people to their cause, the number is limited to either region, the cause itself, or a reliance on donations.


When I founded The S2 Project, realizing the only true counter to achieve victory is as a Military Republic. Consider that the anti-American movement has been at this for over a century. Then the hard push in the open since the emergence of Q the QAnon followers. A civil action group run as a military command structure makes the most sense. For it focuses on getting the job done with superior numbers and hard work over reliance on throwing money at the problem. An example; If a platoon is low on ammo while in a fire fight they do not go to Walmart and buy more ammo. They have four choices.

  1. Call for help.

  2. Attack.

  3. Retreat.

  4. Hold their ground.


At S2 we use fore though putting 1,2 4 preemptively in place. Making #3 irrelevant. The phase 'sweat equity' applies to S2 like no other non profit, foundation or Dot-org in existence today. Much of what we do can be done online. Adapting military intelligence for civilian use. But at some point boots will be needed on the ground to deploy our best weapon, the Freedom of Information Act request.

Plus a republic where leadership is elected by the membership under a charter, similar to the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. (More on this herein) I have taken the lead Commander's post as founder but will step down as G. Washington did if elected out of office. Further, this is going to be a long war. 25 years if Donald J. Trump is re-elected POTUS. Unpredictable if that is not the case. And this war is lost or stalemated with out S2 to bring all the parts together.

S2 is not one against the world but a collection of percentages from other groups infused with S2 membership that assemble teams, local across the USA. And training, recruiting training in a continuous cycle. Some of the membership will need to dedicate their time to recruiting these organizations. S2 the Project is about the how to and the doing. Not talking about the doing. Outside of recruiting efforts, talk dose little good.

I'll add this. From what a Crusader volunteer will learn from participating in this project 4 possible future businesses could be developed by them. An Investigative Service. Becoming an book author of, “How We Cleaned-up our city, USA” , or similar title. A company that specializes in training non profit volunteers. There is most likely a fifth sixth business that someone will think up no doubt.