Patriots, where are the men?

Volunteerism to save American values and way of life, women are the front runners.

Patriots, where are the men?

Having become a political Crusader last year when #TheGreatAwakening hit me. I decided do more that talk or tweet. I founded an organization of action. One thing that I found is the women out number guys by 4 to 1 when it come to being, Patriots + Action persons. The why of this is unclear and surprising. You would think that the ratio would be near even. That more testosterone would be involved in the Patriot aspect.

Democrats have no hope is this is also true of the Qanon community? They are in their way the largest international volunteer organization in recent history. So one would think.

Working to grow this project the response has been mixed and the development a bit slow. But in full motion can end the Democrat party. I know this because enough feedback from political big wigs continue to refer to it as a Monster, Bulldozer, Machine, ect. One said that it could become a grassroots political party on its own. Which rather blew me away some. It the parts and system that have brought this response to The S2 Project.

Where are the men when it comes to being patriots in action? Can tell you that. Can only say the the women are kicking their buts in that department.

By Chris Oldham 4/4/2019


Chris Oldham is the founder of The S2 Project, a former US Marine and long time in the construction industry and diverse other experiences in business. Son of an K-12 republican Educator.