The Social-Media-Rerun-Show-Hamster-Wheel.

Open up new channels of communication to preserve liberty.

I applaud Q Qanons. Maybe that is all we are going get. The Patriot 1%ers are taken. I'm still trying to find the right message to get more people in the fight. There are 50 wars for 50 states, not just the battles in Wash., DC. I think, for now, the Deep State has won the hearts minds battle through MSM. Condition people to look at DC only and not their back yards. DS/DNC has many heads. Therefore I call it the HYDRA.

For LIBERTY to be victorious, we need another million Qanons turned inland at the state houses town halls (Voting districts). If you look closely at social media, you'll see that it's much like watching the same rerun show over and over again. Hamster wheels for the mind. It's time for the next stage of battle. Boots on the ground in mass. Civil action, mass FOIA request done smartly, followups, push for resignations indictments. Backed by the muskets and Minuteman. Campaign to win the hearts mind of law enforcement to Liberty's side. Whether by chit, voice or meme. Half already do not support the red flag laws. The pressure must include these as pressure is applied to the other half. Focus on the how to, being part of that same 'How To'. The what, is just a starting point not an end. This second stage must be a focus for results not just talk, likes clicks.

So the question is how do we get people off the social-media-rerun-show-hamster-wheel?

For America to be great again, not only do Patriots need to come together. They have to be going in the same direction. This needs more working stations like 8Channel. More people doing actual research for truth. Less playing at social media and more grit mentality. In The Art of War by Sun Tzu he writes that to do while it is easy is better than wait until the doing is hard. Which is now. While the Socialist Democrats have just come out of the closet. Not 10 years or 10 months from now. Today.