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My go look see at at the East Texas Boarder Wall in and around Brownsville, TX

 Walls work on the southern US boarder where they are in place. I went for a look myself today from south end of Brownsville, TX where some new homes are being built. To the first crossing off RT281 where agriculture and commerce cross the boarder.

On the East Texas end along the Rio Grand River farming continues between the boarder wall on the river proper. A smart compromise between land owners and Government. A tall berm with a dirt road on top provides easy east/west travel for Farmer and Boarder Patrol alike.

There are strong gates electronically monitored and electrically operated providing easy access for both. For security I did not include pictures of the gates themselves.

At the boarder crossing I observed that commerce was going in one direction only during my visit. South.

Ending my short tour I was happy to see this sign...

By Chris Oldham

Chris Oldham is not a professional writer. He has a long career in business. Primarily in construction. And is also a Former US Marine. Is the Founder of The S2 Project which seek to unseat corrupt public officials by bringing large numbers of American Patriots together and forming then into local teams then training them. Combining military type intelligence gathering with the best aspects smart business thinking.