Our Retired And Reserve Military. Making Hard Choices.

Will the current political situation allow for normal retirement for our brave military Officers?

4/24/2019 Opinion

Our Retired And Reserve Military.

Making Hard Choices.

Ladies Gentlemen of our Retired and Reserve Military Officers Corps Regarding the awakening of the Masses. Both Civilian and Veterans are more aware of matter of evil corruption is wider spread. More deeply entrenched. That our fragile Constitution is under attack. More so than any time in the history of our country.

Further, the founding American Christian values are being suppressed by foreign influences. Being removed from governance beyond what is not just tradition, separation of church and state. A move designed to position replacement of Americanism with Godless Socialism.


What is lacking for these awakening masses of population is leadership. The same leadership you were trained in.

Our Mothers and Fathers that retired from career military service had a relatively normal life during that retirement. For those Officers recently retired in the last 15 years, normal has gone down the hole in the latrine. The same hold true for our NCO's. Whether separated after one tour or many.

 Now going forward is politically correct culture, watch what you say. Don't, object to criminal behavior. Pay no attention to, the military aged men streaming across the southern border. Those, masses of Persian refugees in Canada and, scattered large bunched across the US. Contrasting with that is the awakening masses. The clash is coming. More famously know “THE STORM” on social media. Connotations and interpretations of this phrase reach well beyond Washington, D.C.


Will you, as retired military officers, be on the side lines hoping for normal to return with no effort? Or be of the mindset that leading in some form is the only way to restore liberty to a fail safe position? The time to decide is before the clash. Proactively avoiding becoming a victim of it.

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