I will tell the 2K Servers

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If you were to upload a classic team design and download it to a MyLeague and save it without altering the court or stadium, the next time you enter that save file the court and stadium will have flashed back to the original design from when you began the MyLeague. Makes the classic layouts nearly futile because to allow them to work you'd have to change the courtroom layout or the arena.Example: Downloading a 2006-07 Cavaliers team design within the current Cavaliers design and departing it unaltered buy mt. Then saving and exiting from the MyLeague. Open the rescue file again and the court and stadium will have reset to the recent Cavaliers layout, no matter how the logo, uniforms, and colours will have remained the same.Glitch was introduced in an update in 2K19 and still hasn't been fixed. Occured on Switch and PS4 for 2K19, do not know whether it's multiplatform in 2K20.

I believe nba 2k20 when it comes to playing play today, my team, or I suppose my career. The animations are too slow, so some gamers do not move as fast as they do in real life, and the missing multiple wide open 3s in a row is fucking dumb you should not have to green to produce the shot, if it is gonna be like this make it simpler to green, pg,dame,Kyrie, ect gamers that shoot 3s should have the ability to make broad open 3s. Also one more thing, the fact that all you need to do is brush a gamers arm while he's doing a layup and that's enough to make him miss, we're not at high school this is the nba like when it is Westbrook, LeBron, Kyrie, (other fantastic finishers) they gotta make it to can finish through the touch better.

Better ai. Cant count the days I have jumped right into a down to the wire game, continue minute/ot to find the stupidest lineups on the ground. Dwight Howard pg free of LBJ or AD around the floor but will check in with like 5 minutes when being down by over 10 left. Teams out afterward calling it calling time. Waiting ages chucking some shot that is dumb up. Setting the drama that player only tries 5 shots in a game. Things like that sourer the game.

Would prefer some type of trade mechanic. As we do in the NBA, you'll never see trades. Could be like some type of happiness feature like say KAT, where a star player is not pleased with the teams success, would be cool to see Twolves offer him and see what they can get. Or a participant openly says they want to maneuver could be like a bidding war to get him. Or just if you can get them a participant would like to team up with another player eg PG Kawhi and wishes to see.

What I really wish for is for all people in the area that maintain filling the pockets of these greed filled individuals who make games nowadays purely for profit and instead of their love for the sector like games used to be, to put there foot down once in a while instead of simply accept and think that games such as 2k aren't completely unacceptable and should be help accountable to generate a quality product in return for all the money we throw at them for some sickening reason. Seriously this isn't only currently trying to troll everybody who reads this wants to think back if they had the most fun playing some of their favorite games and ask yourself is what we are getting now for matches on par or superior in terms of gameplay.

Not features and shiny in game purchases, does any of those games that you play feel more fun then one AAA titles such as 2k I am mainly referring to this with this. My guess is you'd say no. Or you just have depressingly low standard in life which is fine I supposed but somethings gotId change bcuz I have had a lot of conversation online in matches and with real life friends on the topic and never found anyone who couldn't agree with me on this and I'm not some tin foiled wack job hereI guarantee you I only love games and I'm watching them all turn into something which feels more predatory and sickening. Frankly it's starting to feel like we really the game for these publishers nowadays, the irony of that makes the potential of gambling feel pretty bleak and we're at blame fr.

Most recently, I will tell the 2K Servers aren't currently doing at it's best right now. This entire week, I have experienced postponed input (notice I've 1GBPS, strong, ethernet, link ) through all internet NBA 2K20 MT game modes. So this really is a server problem. Anyway it doesn't make sense to create where there are 3 other basketball games going on in your 33, Rec games are joined by users. Our PS4s, XBOXs, PCs, Stadias, etc, have to concentrate more on the game that is present. My console shouldn't be async to 30 other players on the machine. It follows that clients (players) are connected to a server where it's downloading information from 30 other players excluding the 10 that's in your court.