When entering upon the world of Prepping it is easy to get overloaded with the details and what should I buy first. It then seems like a daunting task. Here is an article to help you decide.

If you are tempted to believe that prepping is not meant for you because you barely have the funds for it, put a stop to that thought. Let us take a walk through some prepping possibilities that your budget might be able to cover, and how to manage your tight budget. While we may want to have everything that is beyond our reach to stay prepped, the truth is this; we need a few necessary things as preppers. Every other word becomes secondary.
So, if you are scared of prepping on a budget, have a rethink and readjust your mindset, because nothing has ever been so easy and yet be of value as much as prepping does. With just about $100 to $200, some survivalist purchases can be made, which will be able to satisfy the basic needs of man for nearly a week. You should note that in the case of natural emergencies such as flooding, National Weather Service advises the public – individuals, groups – to keep enough survival supplies that will meet all basic needs for at least three days. While hoping that whatever emergency that occurs goes away quick, and you can continue with your life.
There are few essentials which are needed by a survivalist in the wake of emergencies, they might include but are not limited to
•    Non-perishable foods –To get products that fall on this category in bulk, you will need to be on a constant watch out for when your local supermarket (e.g., Walmart) put them up in the sales section – that is when they are on sale. At such points, most of the items that fall under this category go for less than $5 per pack. Not to get products that are quickly ready for consumption, better still, those you can consume immediately. Also, take note of products with longer shelf life, so that there is a reduced chance of going bad even before an emergency occurs.
•    Bottled Water – a need for clean drinking water in the case of emergencies cannot be overemphasized.  Various outlets put value packs of bottled water on sales now and then – some value packs with as much as 35 bottles go as low as $3.50, making for an easy buy. Furthermore, you can choose to get by-gallon (1-7 gallons) containers to store purified water.
•    Other necessary accessories – a light source, blankets, a medical kit, toiletries, can opener, etc.
It should be noted that the human body can survive without water for only as much as three days, and without food for just about 21 days (let’s not hope for that). So you see, stocking up on food and water is very necessary. These are the primary necessities, as they will help give you a clear mind while waiting out.
Another very pocket-friendly way to prep while on a budget is by forming a coalition with like-minded persons or friends. This way more items are easily covered by the contributions made in the group. You even get to have enough to afford small paddle boats in the case of flooding.