Moving as a Prepper By Austyn Lehman (Justin Miles)

Moving is always a stressful period in your life, but it’s even worse for a prepper.

Moving is always a stressful period in your life, but it’s even worse for a prepper. There are multiple aspects that add to this event that I, as a prepper that is moving cross state lines, must handle. In this article, I will address these issues and even offer tips to help you before and during you move.

                Issue One- Angry Spouse Syndrome.

                If you weren’t upfront about your prepping or they didn’t know the full expanse of your pretty, your about to get an ear full. The easiest way to fix this to at least get them okay with your prepping before this, but during the time of your moving, it is probably too late. All those boxes of freeze-dried food, gallons of emergency water and those not-so-cheap guns are going to come out of the hiding spaces. If you have kids, this will have similar affects. I don’t know about your own personal life, but it is something you will have to cover before the move.

                Issue Two-How Are You Going to Move with All Your Supplies?

                There are multiple methods to cover this. This first is to pack all your supplies in hardened storage cases, which you can purchase at your local hardware store. These are stackable and do hold up to the abuse that a move will provide. I would pack your more fragile preps with news paper and to zip tie the holes to keep the boxes closed during the move. The next and cheaper method is to use hardened moving boxes. I would not get the bigger ones since even these can’t handle too much weight. Also make sure to label all your boxes with titles like “Christmas Decorations”, “Junk Drawer”, or even “Printer Paper’. You want to do this for obvious reasons.
                Issue Three-Which Moving Companies Should I Work With?

                There are hundreds of moving companies out there that handle everything from a local move to even companies that handle cross-country moves. I will not go into companies since more pop up by the year and I want to make this relevant for years to come. You want to look for companies that have a pick-up policy that is based on your schedule. Thankfully, with the shipping container craze, this is more possible than ever. Many new moving companies use shipping containers to ship your items to your new house using a combination of unused train cargo space and their trucks.  How it works is that a company of your choice will drop a small to medium cargo container in your drive way and you fill it up on your time. They will then pick up your filled container, take it to the nearest train depot, and it will be sent to your new city or state. I believe this is the best way for a prepper to move because the moving company workers never see your items, it is cheaper than a traditional moving company, and you have upwards of a week to fill the container.

                As a separate note, I do not recommend shipping your firearms in the container. Instead, follow the laws of the state your moving into and the states your passing when it comes to locking your guns in your vehicle if your driving. If your taking a plane, I recommend looking at shipping your guns and ammo to your new location, but this can be an extremely pricy package. 
Tips While Moving as A Prepper

                The first tip I recommend is that you don’t pack all your preps. Most preppers have bug out bags, or any other term you want to call it. I’m personally adding to my bag and keeping it in the vehicle. With this, you would have the bare basics of prepping with you on your long trip.
                The second tip is to learn the road ahead of you. You never know when an emergency will happen. As such, it’s best to have multiple routes for the trip ahead. Also have multiple backups for your travel aids. This can be anything from a trusty map to a handheld GPS device.
                The last tip involves making contacts in your new location before the move. Resources like Facebook and reddit with their prepping and survival communities can help you understand your new location. Also check out local crime statists, weather, and natural disasters that are common in the area.
                I hope these tips and issue topics has helped you on your road to preparedness.

 Good luck and long live the Republic.