How does Mumblit Protect my Data?

Mumblit is the best choice in free speech social networking, but how do they protect and safeguard YOUR data?

As we know, the tech media giants (such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter) have been selling user data for almost a decade, violating their own privacy policies in the name of self interest, and reducing you to a single monetary number in their systems. So how does Mumblit do this differently?


In a society where information is publicly traded like currency, Mumblit has made an effort and cause to protect all components of a user's data and privacy. This is ensured by complying with GDPR, and allowing users to set the data in which is shared both with Mumblit and other users. Privacy settings help ensure this data stays safe, and since Mumblit does not deal with third-party publishers, we do not make any attempt to release this data to anyone. This means that any advertisers to the site can measure metrics only by public information, not any Personally identifiable inforomation (such as name, date of birth, age, groups, etc.) and have to rely on broad spectrum public demographical information such as region, gender, and other non-personally identifiable information.


Since users have control over their data, Mumblit makes a concise effort to ensure that this information is hidden from all users upon default, and that they can be shared or "opted-in" by choice. This means in order for people to see the information, it has to be turned on by you.


Other protected information is Password information. This information is so protected on Mumblit, that not even the administrator, with full database access, can even see what your password is. Since the encrypted passwords cannot be seen by even us, you have to request specifically for password resets, and will be supplied a new password if an administrator has to reset it for any reason. These requests are verified against additional information on the account to ensure that random folks are not gaining access to other people's accounts and personal information. Any failure to convey the proper credentials for the account will result in failure to change any related information, and access to the account.


From time to time, Mumblit will erase accounts based on inactive timeframes, in order to protect the inactive users from having their information stored on our servers. As inconvienient as this is, we have found that it works best in preventing any additional issues with users, and we are only required to retain these accounts for 1 full year after inactivity occurs. This means that at any point during a year after going inactive, if you return, your account will still be available. After a year, however, the account is not promised to be there, nor can be recovered.


So as you can see, Mumblit takes strong precautions in the safeguarding of your data to ensure that you are protected and that Mumblit is protected as well. Any changes to these actions will always be listed in the terms of service agreement on our website.