Giving Black America Reparations, Is It Possible?

Slavery in America was Real and Real Bad! But Slavery in America was not what we have been taught! In fact, American Slavery and it's foundation is a shocker!

Before we look at what was really going on in America from 1620 through 1860 we need to consider some subliminal messages forced on us. These concepts were presented as the whole subject when they amounted to 30% of the subject! Then we All were left to our own devices to conclude the Truth for ourselves! And for the most part we All concluded the lies as truth!
Oh ya, Slavery in America was real and most of it was horrible!
America’s White citizen seems to believe the Black People from Africa forced into Slavery would never have become as barbaric as their White (American) Slave Masters! This is the First LIE! American Black People have the exact same nature as America’s White People!
Please watch this video and see what all of us are capable of, especially if left to our own devices!
There is another LIE that has not been levied but implied! That being American Ships filled with American White People were kidnapping the African people and forcing them into American Slavery! This is 100% false! The Muslims were the ones selling ALL the African Slaves to Europeans and Americans!!!
The Muslims, since the 6th century are the ones that have been harvesting the African People as Slaves. The Muslims are still harvesting Africans as Slaves, to this day! Thanks to President Obama and Hilary taking out Muammar Mohammed Abu Minyar Gaddafi Libya is back at the Slave Trade of Black Africans!
Here it is from CNN!

Black America Reparations, It Can’t Be Done!

NOTE: America’s Black population really needs to rethink their affiliation with Islam! Muslims, if they take control of America will place America’s Black population back under Slavery! The White population will be taxed into submission until they convert to Islam or are killed for Blasphemy against Allah!
Please watch this video.
The next HUGE lack of Historical Understanding when it comes to American Slavery is a shocker! Anthony Johnson, in 1655 won a court case! Anthony had an African (Black) Slave named John Casor! Well, prior to 1655 there were no Slaves in America! They were Indentured Servants that were granted their Freedom after 7 or 8 years of service!
John Casor served his time! Basically Anthony didn’t think Precedence applied to him because he took the man John Casor was working for to court and claimed the man stole his servant!
The Court sided with Anthony and declared Anthony could indefinitely hold John Casor forever!
Anthony Johnson was a Black Man Brought to America in 1620 as a SLAVE! Anthony was granted his freedom after serving his 7 years and didn’t have it in his heart to pass it on!
Isn’t it interesting that the Noble Black People from Africa had that same capacity for cruelty that the White man has/had!!!
What strikes me odd is the colonies were abiding by the Torah’s (The Bible) standards for Slavery, to a large extent!
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The Facts Behind Black America Reparations.

Now let’s look at Facts!!! The Truth will set us FREE!
Fact One: In 1860 there was a total of 35 Black Slaves in the North!
Fact Two: In 1860 there was a total of 3,950,511 Black Slaves in the South!
Fact Three: In 1860 American Citizens in the North were not Slave owners!
Fact Four: In 1860 4,259 Black (FREE) Americans headed West without Slaves! WHY?
Fact Five: In 1860 there was 26,690,781 White People living in America!
Fact Six: In 1860 there was 4,427,294 Black People in America, of which 476,748 were FREE!
NOTE: The Total Black Population was roughly 16.6% of America!
NOTE: The Total Free Black Population was roughly 1.8% of America!
NOTE: The Black Population in America has decreased!
NOTE: This is disturbing to me!
Fact Seven: By 1830 there were 3,775 black families living in the South who owned black slaves.
Fact Eight: By 1860 there were about 3,000 slaves owned by black households in the city of New Orleans alone.
Fact Nine: By 1860 the was a whole lot of FREE Black Americans that owned Black Slaves.
Fact Ten: The First 35 years American Slavery didn’t exist. It was probably at least the first 100 years!
Fact Eleven: Anthony Johnson, a former Black Indentured Servant became the First American Slave Owner!!!
Fact Twelve: After the Civil War (1865) Every Black American was counted as 3/5th a citizen!
Fact Thirteen: Claiming Slavery was American Wide is false. Under these conditions 1.4% owned Slaves.
Fact Fourteen: 4.8% of America’s South Owned Black African Slaves!!!
Fact Fifteen: The Democrat Party Body Slammed the American Black Community after the Civil War! All Black Americans were given a 3/5th voting right instead of Genocide!!! WHY!?
These Links contain so much more information.

Black America Reparations, That’s As Insane As True Slavery!

NOTE: I have seen statistics that declare when a White Household had 1 to 3 African Slaves the Black Household had 8!
NOTE: The 1860 Census Statistics Survived, and we need to use them to confirm these conclusions of mine!
NOTE: Something else was going on as well. From 1620 through 1655 these so called BLACK African Slaves seemed to understand that they were coming to America to serve 7 (or 8 years) and then they would be FREE, to be 100% Free Americans! After 1655 things went bad! I believe this is when the Muslim Slave Traders (The Barbary Coast) changed the rules?
NOTE: Those 4,259 Free Black People that headed West without Slaves were the vanguard that took part in stripping the American Indians of their Land!!! These were Free Americans and they didn’t head West with Sling Shots!!! Think about it! The Free American Black Man that earned his/her Freedom took part in taking the American Indian’s Lands!

Black America Reparations, Slavery has been gone for a while?

NOTE: I have a workmate that is of the Black American Community. After Obama’s election we began to debate the American Racial issues! We are actually honest with each other!!! Anyhow, one day we were debating and I told him straight out America’s Black Community can’t stop the injustice without the White Community because WE make up 70% of America! My work acquaintance, without thinking told me straight out that they (the Black American Community) was going to equalize that problem! That’s when I got it! The Democrat Party, back in 1865 body slammed every last Black American because they were attempting to amass a Black Army to take over a Portion or all of America! I’m also convinced Islam has a part in this as well! Not to worry, me and my work Pal still tease each other because we are professionals! LOL But seriously, my workmate has a ‘The Black Race Is The Superior Race Complex’! Was it Islam, or something else that caused this attitude? Either way, we all see it to this day! This is why I believe the Democrat Party Body Slammed the American Black Community in 1860! Obviously I believe the people in America’s Black Community with this attitude is a small percentage of the Black Community, but its enough to keep us all tossing the baby out with the dirty dish water. This is MY Theory!
NOTE: I’m going to say it? It looks to me like a large number of Black People were sent West to Fight the American Indians, for the Land??? Aaaauuurrrggghhh?
Under ALL these conditions Reparations for Black Americans aresomething that can never result in Justice!!! Number one, the Bible declares the Sons will not be condemned for the sins of the Fathers!!!

Black America Reparations, This Has No Part In Christianity?

Deuteronomy 24:16 The fathers shall not be put to death for the children, neither shall the children be put to death for the fathers: every man shall be put to death for his own sin.
How are we going to bring America back to the point where FREE White and Black America rubs elbows as equals without bringing back slavery of any form???
Robert Smalls (a Black Slave) was awesome! But seriously, he wasn’t outsmarting White people! He obviously was a trusted Slave that was trusted to be within close proximity with his Master! He sold out his Master’s Trust and that seems to be a good thing!!!???
Check out this link to see how he took a ship and sailed it North to Freedom.
In conclusion, how do we tax White People for slavery when 4.8% of the South owned all but 35 of the 4,000,000 Slaves, and nearly 500,000 of the Slave Owners were Free Black Americans?
Everywhere I go I see mixed couples with White/Black Children! Do we tax half white people so they can take part in reparations, because they might have had realitives that were REAL Slaves, or REAL Slave owners???
True Reparations for American Slaves is 100% impossible! In fact I dare say there is a whole lot of American Black people that really don't want to know that many of them actually came from Black Americans that owned Black Slaves!
My next Project is how the American (British Colonies) is not the ones that shafted the people in Mexico 400 years ago!