Recover Files And Images From Dead Hard Drives For FREE!

I have had it with Burger Flippers learning some High Tech Skills only to convince themselves they should earn $100 on hour! Seriously, Data recovery from a dead hard-drive shouldn't cost $.25 per photo! Do It Yourself!

People, if your hard drive dies and you have Files on it that are vital, or 3 to 40,000 photos you really want/need recovered, do not take that hard drive to a so called computer repair shop!
Yes, they will recover those photos for you, for $1,500 to $8,000!
I am so sick of listening to The Kim Commando and Leo Laporte Shows!
You have to READ this whole post to understand you can recover the data from a bad hard drive yourself, for free or very little money!
Four years ago I put a website up to promote Linux! It was meant to help people, for free depending on what the person wanted! I have wanted to help people for free when it comes to this kind of issue!
I have a forum on that website, that I would have unlocked to the public, if only I was contacted by THREE People that I didn’t tell about the site!
I get plenty of emails and membership requests from Russian! And yes, 6 to 8 months ago the site was HACKED with HUNDREDS of Malware! And yes, Godaddy fixed it! And that site wasn’t blacklisted!
Anyway, Kim Commando took a call from a guy whose Hard Drive died with 40,000 images on it, that he wants back!
If only people could have found my Linux Site we would have had that forum filled with so much FREE Help that people could do themselves! Google, Facebook and the rest of the Search Engines are not allowing our sites to be seen!
Kim Commando’s solution for this guy was to get a fixed price to have the images recovered!

Hard Drive Died, Recover Those Files And Images Yourself!

Apparently these Computer repair shops start the work for you, and call you to say we found 100 photos (@ $.20 each), do you want us to continue? You say “yes”, and they call back and tell you they found 500 more, do you want us to keep going? Then, before you know it you have a $5,000 bill!
It’s a Shake down!
If your hard drive dies and you have files and images on it you have to have, and you don’t have $8,000 to give someone that WILL have those images and files recovered in 30 to 60 minutes follow these steps!
  • Unplug the computer and do the grounding thing!
  • Disconnect the Hard Drive!
  • Go to you box of used computer parts and get an old Hard Drive that was working the last time you used it!
  • Install it into the empty bay!
  • Install the latest copy of Ubuntu on that used Hard Drive! It’s 100% FREE!
  • NOTE: You will have to go into the BIOS and set up the Boot Sequence of the Drive.
  • NOTE: Set the CD/DVD to first if your Ubuntu image is on a DVD!
  • NOTE: Now install Ubuntu on the first Hard Drive!
  • Was the Reboot is done and the computer is running Ubuntu properly:
  • Plug the power back into the bad Hard Drive.
  • B. Slave the Bad Hard Drive to the New/Used Hard Drive!
  • NOTE: Reboot the Computer, go back into the BIOS and set the Bad Hard Drive to the second drive. The First Hard Drive is the Boot Drive!
  • Save Settings and Exit BIOS and the Computer Restarts!

Your Files And Images Are Not Lost, Unless You Turn To The Professionals!

Now look in the ICONS in the Left Hand Column! You are looking for that Bad Hard Drive as a Storage Unit! You may/will need the Password if you encrypted that Hard Drive that went bad!
If you’ve never installed Ubuntu before you most likely won’t set up a partition for your Microsoft based files/photos! So you will need to buy a Large enough Thumb-drive or a MyPassport!
People will tell you stay away from Seagate Drive! I have a Western Digital and Seagate MyPassport and they both are awesome!
Just get you Photos recovered and don’t trust anyone until you have tried what I’m saying! I have done this 10 times in the last ten years and it’s worked every time except once!
Now plug in your Thumb-drive our MyPassort and simply start Dragging and Dropping your files (From the Bad Drive) into the MyPassport or Thumb-drive.
The Thumb-drive and MyPassport will automatically convert the Microsoft formatted Files/Images for you!
Then, once you have the Files/Images saved, back them up again and never go back to Microsoft or MAC!
Now that you have a Hard Drive slaved to your new Unbuto operating system you can use that bad hard drive as a good slave! I have had them last for years! You will know when it starts dying so backup, backup, backup!
What if the Bad Drive didn’t slave to the new/used Hard Drive? Now it may be time to say, “RATS”?
Number One: Do simple Google searches like “recover files from hard drive”! You need to include (Windows 8/10, or Ubuntu 18, or MAC and even Open Source)! As always there is Free and Paid for software!

Recover Those Files And Images On Your Own And Learn A New Skill!

I have three desktops, so when I have an issue with a hard drive I take it out and slave it to one of the other computers! The second it is registered as a storage unit I don’t need software!
But I suspect most people do not have two or three desktops!
So from I can tell these people will still have to take matters into their own hands by installing a different Hard Drive in their system, with a new operating system. This is the only way they can get the software needed to work.
This link looks good to me!
Here is another great way to get it done on your own!
I found this Udemy Course and it’s only $9.99!
Now let’s say none of that worked! Now you may start wondering how you are going to pay someone $8,000 to recover your 40,000 images/files! That’s $.20 a photo!
At this price I would start looking into buying the equipment to take hard drives apart and recover the Data from the Drive Disks myself!
Seriously, that has to be a better solution and I/You would end up with a needed skill! We could charge people $100 an hour to recover the Photos/files and most likely get it done in two hours!
Here is a link to buying the equipment and training!!!
SIDE NOTE: How is it I’m still getting Emails from Africa telling me a Lawyer has my $10,000,000 inheritance but I can’t send an email to anyone without Microsoft sending my email (automatically) to their junk box???
I put an PDF in an email and everyone believes it has a virus!

Learn To Recover Those Files And Images And You Can Help Others!

Yep, that Linux site has sat there for years because Bill Gates and Zuckerberg didn’t offer it to the public!
People in general just ain’t happy unless they are trusting their lives to used car salesmen!
Serious LaPort and Kim Commando, I can’t understand how people trust them! They are promoting Microsoft at insane maintenance rates instead of showing people how to get it done, and I say they can still make a killer Profit!