Dedicated To Those Murdered For Exposing Deep State Globalist Pedophiles Click It

Avicii For A Better Day Music Video RIP for trying to get people to know

They said it was a suicide, but for those of us who have read and looked at all the conspiracies that were considered at a time false turned out to be very true. The people who do not read them or look into them and get a steady diet of mainstream media will believe the lies. Deep State Pedophile Globalist cabal use allot of the same details when they murder and label it a suicide.

   When all innocence is lost there is nothing left to save, the Romans fell and the Greeks fell, history is trying to repeate itself, there is a sick and twisted group trying to normalize pedophelia and  label you a hater if you don't love pedophiles, this push is to get society to accept it.If society accepts it, all is lost and eventually destruction will follow, past histories show this, this is good versus evil. Also want to do a shout out to Jenny Moore who was murdered in Washington DC for hunting and exposing pedophiles in August 2018 and Timothy Holmseth who is alive but always attacked for exposing the pedophiles in power.

Now the video of the man they murdered and labeled a suicide trying to expose it.