Young Men Have Legitimate Grievances | Coach Red Pill

Blue Pilled people would never acknowledge the truth of the current situation we now live in Red Pilled and Black Pilled people would. This guy hits the nail on the head.

Read the comments first then watch the video, this man hits the nail on the head, his view is the reality for today's generation.

Coach, I've been following you for about a year now. You are absolutely right. At the age of 20 graduated highschool, I made a solid decision that I'm no going to college, i found a job as a customer service representative. My mom and dad are disappointed. They tried to scare me to go to college by saying that without a degree i wont get anywhere. My friends mocked me for not having a degree, looking down at me for getting a job right after highschool. I worked my ass out for about 2 years now. Now I'm Proud proud to say I'm out of my parents house at 22 yrs of age. I got a one bedroom room. Zero debt and 2000 in my savings account. I have No girlfriend right now, because I'm shy, I'm working on it though. And btw those family and friends of my age has no savings still paying their debt until now.
I understand bud. graduated at 19 worked my as off for the last 4 years. Now I am running my own vending machine business and recently bought my dads house off him. working on getting my second property. It is all about putting in the methodical work. I have been going to college for the last 8 weeks at night classes. It feels like a scam.
@john michael Cornett thanks man, wow you're killing it
James Patrick Tan: If only your parents knew how much college is these days. I work in an engineering field myself, and although the pay gives me a comfortable living, I've been paying off $35k in debt. I want to get a masters, but it would have been an additional $25k for maybe a boost of $10k a year in salary....totally not worth the ROR in an ever changing job market. I think you're smart because student loans do affect you a lot financially. I've seen people get into $50-$100k in debt with college, and then decide to change career paths with no rational thought of "how the hell am I going to pay off all this debt". Good on you man!
James Patrick Tan dude get into the trades electricians and plumbers are doing very well right now some making 45$ to 50$ an hour but you have to give 4 to 5 years of learning and gaining experience first whether that’s working under someone who has higher rank or get into their trade school which is free.
@john michael Cornett It really depends on what you're going to school for., what school it is, and for how much. College is an investment in yourself, and like everything, there are good investments and bad ones. You are around like-minded people, so it's all about making those connections that will land you a job down the road. People do 4 years of undergrad without ever getting an internship. You NEED internships. You maybe only learn 5-10% of what you need in your field during undergrad. If you're pursuing a career in STEM, go to a reputable college, but stay away from schools with big names like Stanford, USC, USD, etc. unless you are getting a bunch of financial aid. Tons of cheaper state schools that are top ranked can you give you a leg up on the competition. I give the example that Silicon Valley hires more people from San Francisco State and San Jose state than Berkeley or Cal Tech combined. Even taking out a $100K loan to pursue artificial intelligence is worth it, as you'll make at least $120K in the first year you start working. Don't take out a $100K loan for an art, history, or "business" degree, as both of which will really get you no where.
@@NotARapper I have a niece who got straight A's in high school, got several scholarships and went to a decent college, got a degree in genetics, she also got in doing undergrad work while in college working with mice and cancer, she is now out in the world working a career and traveling, but she is under a lot of stress and working a job she didn't get her degree in and is in management right now, managing the people who are doing the work she wants to do. So doing your best in a highly skilled field may not always pan out the way you want it to. Maybe she will end up doing the work they do, time will tell. It doesn't help she is an American citizen and WHITE I think you get my drift on that. Waiting to see how it pans out for her in time.