The Doctor Says I Have Cancer? What Would I Do?

If a doctor told me I have cancer I would probably go through the five stages of denial! But I would also get to work doing what I could do to help the doctors get the cancer out of me! Watching Al Bundy while the doctors do their thing is not in the budget!

As the system will give us a spanking if we speak in terms of Try This to cure Cancer, Diabetes or High Blood Pressure we have to be careful to not be charged with practicing Medicine Without A License, unless we are selling POT! LOL

With that said I have been told (a few times) I have High Blood Pressure! The first Doctor that administered my DOT Physical gave me a Card that was only good for 90 days! The Doctor told me I had to go to my Doctor and get Blood Pressure Medication! This medication would bring my Blood Pressure down in 30 days!

I choose to put my CDL at risk! Now if I thought I had a serious issue I may have gone to the Doctor?

Instead of taking medications to bring my Blood Pressure down I started running again! Just 1.5 miles every other day! I also changed my diet, drastically!

In the morning and at work, through the day I started eating an Apple, Grapefruit, a banana or two and a Peach (in season)! I also had a fresh Bagel with Cream Cheese!

In the evening I ate meals prepared from scratch! I now take all the chicken skins off the parts before I cook them! I also remove as much of the fat from the Beef before cooking it.

One of the strangest things I've noticed is Mountain Dew fountain drinks raise my Heart Beat to 92 to 94 beats a minute! It takes 3 days to get the heart rate back down into the low to mid 60s if I drink a Mountain Dew fountain Drink! Needless to say I don't do the Dew!

Cancer is Bad, but trust the doctor and your own judgment!

Back in the late1980's while stationed in the United Kingdom I saw British people waiting 4 weeks for their Medical Tests to come back, after they were diagnosed with cancer!

I couldn't believe that these people were not being given preferential treatment! After all, they had Cancer! Then when I got back to the United States I noticed the same thing going on in my own Nation!

There is something else that has always puzzled me! A person is literally dying of Cancer or something else and the illness is definitely killing them, and they scratch their hand and their spirit heals the cut while allowing the illness to continue killing them.

Yes, I said our spirit is what causes our bodies to remain healthy, and I can not prove it! The immune System is not the proper term for what keeps us healthy! Yes, I believe we have an Immune System but it is not in charge!

Another problem we have to watch out for is doing way too many things if our physical condition has become so compromised that Exercise, Diet, Fasting or Cleanses could actually cause greater harm. All those things are good, but they can kill us faster if our bodies are already ill.

With that said I have now laid the foundation for what I might do if the Doctors told me I had Cancer!

Cancer, if it doesn’t kill me will make me stronger?

The very first thing I would do is to reinforce my mind with the fact that the Medical system is going to leave me in a position that leaves me wondering if life is over, and they are going to do that for 2 to 6 weeks minimum! That's before they confirm I have Cancer and after they determine the stage the Cancer is in!

I have a few choices to make! Do I sit around and wait for the Doctors to figure out what is going on in my body, or do I spend the first 2 to 6 weeks doing what I can to turn things around? After all, they are going to put me on so many drugs, Kemo and even surgery, so why not spend those first few weeks trying to get my body into a better condition!

The first thing I would do is the Master Cleanse!

I would not do the Master Cleanse the way Healthy People do! The maniacs I know do it for 20 days! I would do the Master Cleanse for 2 to 3 days maximum. This is to clean out my body's plumbing so my plumbing can absorb nutrition from real food more easily!

I would also get back into Juicing! I would juice 6 pounds of Carrots, 8 Apples, 8 Oranges and a Lemon! I would drink that down every two days! It makes a Gallon.

Another Benefit to the Master Cleanse and Juicing is all the fiber helps to get all the rotting waste in my plumbing out of my system! I believe our intestines are absorbing undigested rotting matter that is clogging up our plumbing! We have to stop absorbing poisons into our systems!

Cancer doesn’t mean it is time to give up! Keep doing what’s needed!

This is not cheap, but if you are doing this you are not eating near as much food as normal! Us Americans have been raised on Little Debbies and McDonald's! We were physically compromised at a young age. Then when we turn 40, 45 or 50 we start experiencing glitches in the Matrix! Our bodies can no longer digest 44 ounce Mountain Dew Fountain Drinks! We can no longer digest the Chemicals and Preservatives that are in ALL the Processed Foods! All the man made garbage we are eating is clogging up our organs!

Then we are told we have Cancer???

Then, instead of changing our lifestyles we head straight for the Doctors who treat our symptoms with petroleum based medications! Then, when they do bring down our High Blood Pressure with medications they don't bring down our weight which is directly related to the High Blood Pressure and Diabetes we are all contracting!

The Master Cleanse and Juicing is only a quick fix if one is planning on heading for the Mountain Dew Fountain Drink Dispenser the minute their Health is restored!

After I did my two to three days with the Master Cleanse I would start eating an Apple, Grapefruit, Banana and a variety of other fruits, daily! I would start with FIGS! After all it is the first food mentioned in the Bible! Dried Figs may be all I can find until they are in season!

One Problem with some fruits, like Figs is their High Sugar Content! So it requires caution when it comes to diabetes! I personally might humble myself and ask a Doctor if certain foods could cause trouble with my system. Grapefruit is something Diabetics can not eat while taking Diabetes Medication!

Cancer, in my opinion may not be a natural disease?

The next thing I might add to my personal Health Regiment is to pay attention to how my body actually feels with the different foods I'm eating! Is my mind cloudy or clear? Do I have more or less energy, in the morning, through the day and in the evening. I have to analyze the effects of what I'm doing to my body! Am I progressing in a good, bad or neutral manner?

I'd also start eating Cocao Beans, peanuts and almonds! I would also beg everyone I know to buy fresh peaches, eat them and give me the Pits!!! The Peach Pit Seed is high in B-17 and I would eat those seeds!

Diabetes and Cancer can be dealt with on my own???

If the Doctors told me I had Diabetes I would start adding Cinnamon to my food, in the recipes! I would drink Okra Water also! I'd take two pieces of Okra and cut two slits into them! I would also cut the ends off. Then put them in a glass of CLEAN (distilled) water to soak overnight! Cover the cup to keep dust out! In the Morning I would drink the water down! It's disgusting! Something in the Okra comes out and the water becomes thick and slimy!

I can tell you this though, it clears up the mind fog, quickly! At least that is my experience!

I personally would look into Chelation Therapy! I believe the THEY have loaded us up with Heavy Metals!

I would look into the Foot Bath Detox! I know, this has been debunked!

I would immediately start drinking a 10% Food Grade Peroxide/90% Distilled Water Solution! This of coarse is if I had been told I have Cancer!

While I'm doing all this I would be walking, Jogging, running, biking, and or swimming! I would be doing what I could to help the body fluids flow by working out!

I would even look for an Iridologist to scan my eyes and a Homeopathic Specialist that could do the spit test to see what Minerals my body is deficient in!

Cancer is something that can be dealt with through Prayer!

This next thing that I would do if I was told I had Cancer is the most important thing!

I would look for Bible Believers that cared for me enough to actually Pray with me, out loud on a daily basis until I died or my health was restored!

I do not mean that I would ask for other Believers to pray for me, in their homes or on their way to Church! I mean to have me come to them, or they come to me, and we pray out loud so my spirit hears their words with their prayers ending in the name of Yehoshua (Jesus)! We all know Jesus and Yehoshua is the name of that guy, the Messiah who lived on earth 2,000 years ago! I would not put up with stupidity, after all, I've been given a death sentence by the doctors!

This is one of the hardest concepts I have been unable to explain to others!

Then, after my fellow Believers had been praying for me, and my condition actually improved I would expect them to reach a point that they accept we have to start Fasting, with the Praying!

I don't want to walk around seeing people looking like trees! I want a complete healing!

I have not found Believers that understand this concept. NONE! I was actually blessed to take part in Praying for someone, but we didn't go all the way with Fasting! Half a Healing is better than nothing!

Cancer is a game changer and will show us why we are here!

If I actually used Tobacco, Pot, Alcohol or worse I think I would have to realize those days are over as well, that is if I want to live as long as possible!

After I had received complete Health I would have to get into a lifestyle that all my meals would be made from scratch, with the highest quality foods available!

I would have to drink Clean, purified/distilled water!

Absolutely No More Processed Foods and Beverages!

I would definitely take the Sabbath of the LORD seriously!

I would also keep up with my studies, while I could!

The Black Salve Treatment looks dangerous, but I would seriously consider this self-treatment!

All of this is what I might do if the Doctors told me I had Cancer. As a result of having a good 2 to 6 weeks before they even schedule me to start Kemo or cutting parts out I would get busing trying to do something productive!

Now, the next problem that we all have is someone is going to come along and start in, point by point telling why this is all a load of Dung!

They will point out Cancer feeds on sugar!

They will point out Food Grade Peroxide releases Free Radicals!

They will point out the Moon is made of Cheese!

They will start in on POT heals Cancer!

The Point is, this is what I would do if I was told I had Cancer!

NOTE: Like it or not this quote is from the above LINK! “It is also inhaled to weaken the immune system after kidney transplant to lessen the chance of transplant rejection.”