5 Best one click root apps for Android

In this gudie, I have made a list of 5 best one click root apps for Android


If you are a developer, you are surely looking for a way to root your android device , keeping in mind that this will allow you to get the most out of your mobile. In the same way, this procedure will help you to eliminate all those factory pre-installed applications , as well as to completely customize the appearance of it.

In general, most users think that the procedure to carry out this is long and tedious , but in reality it is the opposite. Currently there are a large number of tools that will help you root your Android smartphone in a very simple and fast way .

To carry out this process there are many applications known as one-click root, which will help you to carry out all this process from your terminal. To do this, here we are going to show you which are the best apps for you to do this.


5 Best one click root apps for Android

Lets have a look at one click root apps for Android

1. Dr.Fone - Root


Dr.fone has been on the market for several years now and is still one of the best rooting software on the web . It can be used on Android mobile devices and you can download it for free. It is mainly characterized by being very easy to install and run , where with just one click you will be doing this whole process.

Therefore, if you are looking for a way to erase all the factory pre-installed applications on your computer and start customizing it freely, you can start using this program. Which is compatible with more than 7000 devices, one of the most reliable and secure software and with one of the highest download rates today .


2. Framaroot

This program is ideal to start doing what is the root method from a single click, and is currently one of the safest and cleanest when working. With it you can start unlocking your smartphone in a very simple and fast way, this will allow you to customize it to your liking and make use of third party app external to the Play Store.

To be able to use Framaroot you must have an Android mobile higher than version 4.0. However, not all new smartphones are compatible with this program . In addition, this app includes a series where all the names of the Lord of the Rings movie will appear .


3. KingRoot

Kingroot has become another of the tools that will allow you to root your smartphone in a very simple way . For this, this program is based on the cloud and will help you find the best method so that you can free your terminal. Currently it is one of the most used to carry out these processes due to its excellent performance and operation .

This application is mainly characterized by being very simple to use and install, you only have to download it and once downloaded you just have to run it so you can start carrying out this process


4. CF-Auto Root

Auto Root has been designed by one of the members of ChainFire , and it is based on carrying out the release of Android devices , this will allow smartphone users to perform a large number of functions that they could not before . It has an automated system that constantly works to root.

It will also allow each of the applications to have access to the program , thus offering specialized methods especially for Samsung Android devices , although it also works with Motorolas and Nexus


5. One click root 


One click root is one of the best app for rooting your android device. This software will teach you one of the most classic methods to root a mobile device , and as its name indicates, it will help you free your terminal from all Android restrictions . A way to start customizing the equipment your way without any limitations.

But, unlike most programs of this type, a click on the root will offer you a live chat every time you use it, this will allow you to communicate with the developer support channel that will help you solve any type of inconvenience that comes your way.

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