The Depopulation of White and Black Americans!

Since Roe v Wade Natural Born Americans have been under assault! If this continues we will pass the point where we can't fix this issue?

Since Roe V Wade we have aborted 44.5 million Americans! But we have allowed in 44.1 million legal Immigrants!
We now abort 1,000,000 Americans each year and allow 1,000,000 immigrants in legally!
Someone is literally depopulating America of Americans!

In the 1960's we had 1 in 2,500 children diagnosed with autism. Those children recieved 3 ro 4 vaccines! Today its 1 in 77 children diagnosed with autism. Today the children recieve 36 vaccine by the age of three! Maybe the reason 36% of America's public school students can read and do math at the appropriate levels is because heavy metals in the brains, from the vaccines?

Someone is replacing the White and Black population of America, without a war! Beaten from within!