A Male With Four Wives Is The Head Of A Baby Factory

Michigan and Minnesota have been overloaded with Muslim Migrants for a reason! It's called a 100 year plan to take America over politically! Lobbying in America is the channel that's getting the plan done!

Well, I have to do it! This Snopes Article explains everything, and they walk us through the process pretty good! One small problem though!
But before I get started I believe True American Men now have no option but to have One Wife and Three Girlfriends! But they better have the ability to properly take care of those girlfriends. They also better not register them as wives!
Wives, the only other option is for you and your husband to have 10 children!!!
Males that think they are too old to have more children, you better get busy!!! It's time to fix the last 75 years of the destruction of the American Family!
I know, Paul Said, Paul said, Paul said!!! Moses also said and Jesus said, "Teach Men The Least Command if you want to be called Great in the Kingdom"!
People, after the Churches signed up for Tax Exempt Status (starting) in 1954 and agreed to stay out of Politics is when the assault on True Americans Began!
True Americans are White, Black and Hispanic Natural Born and Naturalized American Citizens! Yes, there are other races and those that are REAL American Citizens, I'm talking about them as well!
Someone has made it clear that the United States of America no longer belongs to True Americans and the Pastors, Priests, Rabbis, Messianic Rabbis (America's Spiritual Leaders) are going along with it!
It's time to start having True Red, White and Blue American Babies and the rest of this article explains why!

One Group Having Four Wives Is A Political Movement

In fact, the Latter Day Saints are put in prison for having more than One Wife. I will never believe the LDS Males are registering their girlfriends as wives!

Americans are being placed in jail for having multiple wives and Muslims are given a pass!

Snopes claims there was 115,000 Muslims in Michigan (the Detroit Area) as of 2013!!!
The figure we have been told for over TEN Years is 300,000 Muslims in Michigan!
Let's go back to 2016 through 2017 when Abdul El-Sayed ran to be Michigan's Governor! He received 340,000 votes in the Primary race and lost to Whitmer!
340,000 votes for Abdul is triple the Adult Muslim Number Snopes is telling us! That's 340,000 Adult Muslim Voters! That means another 400,000 children, without batting an eye!
I am convinced those Muslim Votes went to Michigan’s Governor Whitmer as well!

Michigan’s Electoral College votes may not go to President Trump in 2020! Something really wicked is going on!
Conspiracy Theory or not, Michigan's Muslim Population went off the charts, out of nowhere and Snopes is giving us a Muslim Population that's 1/3rd what we All think it really was/is!
The Muslim Men in the Detroit Area have a Wife and THREE Girlfriends, and we all know it! They are having 20 children per household!
As Snopes explained, these girl friends are the ones filing for Welfare as head of the house!
Americans have been sold out!

Any Muslim Male, in the United States of America that is collecting any form of Welfare to provide for his family is 100% violating the Quran and the tenants of Islam! A Muslim Male must be able to provide for his wife, and if he has four wives he must have the ability to provide for all four wives!