American Kratom Association Petition to President Donald J. Trump:

Please sign and share the Petition today requesting that President Donald J. Trump appoint a new FDA Commissioner who will commit to protect the public from dangerously adulterated kratom products, and who will follow the true science that has shown that pure kratom is being safely used by


Kratom Warriors,

The AKA has spent the last several years battling former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb and his crusade to ban kratom.  Our argument has always been based on facts and the science behind kratom, not the misinformation tactics employed by the FDA.  Thanks to your generosity, we didn't back down and have started to turn the tide.

Now that Gottlieb has stepped down as FDA Commissioner, we have the opportunity to influence President Trump and his decision on who the next person will be to fill this critical position.

Please sign and share the Petition today requesting that President Donald J. Trump appoint a new FDA Commissioner who will commit to protect the public from dangerously adulterated kratom products, and who will follow the true science that has shown that pure kratom is being safely used by millions of American consumers.

Tell President Trump that the next FDA Commissioner should lift the unfair, unjustified, and overly burdensome regulation on imports of kratom that is restricting the freedom of consumers and is allowing bad actors to flood the market with unsafe and dangerous adulterated kratom products.

And share with President Trump your own experience on how kratom has helped you personally in maintaining your health and well-being.

My testimony, I have a pinched nerve in my hip area and joint pain in other areas, Kratom completely gets rid of the pain and I can do what I need to do, without it I would not be able to get done what I need to. I also give a little bit to our dog and cook it in egg, he has back hip pain and leg pain and has trouble standing up and sitting down, he nearly fell down coming up the steps, I started giving him Kratom and now he is not having that problem, so for the both of us it works wonders on pain. Big Pharma is fighting it and want to make it illegal when it is natural.

Kratom Use by Pets — Anecdotal Reports by Pet Lovers


These are testimonials I have found and stand by the truth of these, they are trying to make Kratom a class 1 narcotic in some states, big pharma is fighting it hard, it is natural and it works.

Hi, my name is Leanne Roberts. I am a vet tech, worked with animals 18 years now. When researching kratom for pain in dogs, your response on the ilovekratom forum is one of the only things I have found. Kratom personally saved my life. I have several herniated discs, Spondylosis, and more. I got hurt 3 years ago, at work with dogs, and became disabled. At my worst I was in a wheelchair. As I said, kratom saved me. Ive been through it all, physical therapy, pain management, tens units, you name it. I had spent over $20 grand on every supplement in the world for myself, to no avail. With animals, I was actually a nutrition and natural health alternative medicine consultant. I applied every ounce of my knowledge to myself, and nothing helped me. Then this year I discovered kratom. I have my life back. I literally had NO quality of life. Back to dogs. One of my dogs is a Newfoundland. I originally got him to be a mobility assistance dog for myself. But as luck would have it, he has newfoundland forelimb anamoly, OCD lesions in both elbows. At 7 months old, he had to have extensive surgery by one of the only specialists in the world that could do it, or be put down. I, of course, chose my beloved dog. He is now 2, and is on every medication under the sun for pain. Anti-inflammatories Previcox, Tramadol, and nerve pain medication. At best he is still beyond special needs. Since I know just how much kratom does for me, im trying desperately to find ANY info regarding its use in pets. It need not be from a professional, im not going to hold anyone liable for problems. I just need to know that it is safe to try on him.

Is one of the only things I have found internet wide while searching. I was wondering if you could PLEASE give me any information you have regarding its use in pets. I just saw you are a moderator on the site, therefore i assume you are an intelligent and responsible person. Do you have any information that would be of help to me? Any resources links articles etc?

I would like to thank you so very much for your time and consideration in this matter.

Oh as I stated Ernie is a Newfoundland dog, approximately 130 pounds. Ive tried every supplement in the world on him, from glucosamine chondroitin, msm, hylauronic acid, turmeric, fish oil, coconut oil, boswellia, yucca, ester-c, tart cherries, shark cartilage, collagen, probiotics, superfood supplements of all kinds. Homeopathic meds, aromatherapy, physical therapy, there is nothing i wont do for him. He did the best when he was on a raw diey, but my fiance is unable to maintain that financially for him at this time (we have 21 month old twins!), but i am going to try and return him to his raw diet as soon as i can. But without it, and the fact we had to return to our previous home that has stairs in it (that we specifically moved out of for Ernies health), his pain level has increased. I would truly appreciate any guidance from you or anyone with ANY knowledge regarding kratoms use in pets.

Thank you so very much!

Oh attached is a picture of Lil Ernie Jr post-surgery at 7 months old and less than half his current body weight. He is now 2 yeara old. We were told 5 years from him is optimistic. I just want him to have the best life, with his pain at an absolute minimum. And I believe Kratom is the key, I just need more info. My biggest question, its not toxic to pets, correct? I am aware that, just as in humans, too much can cause nausea and vomiting. Side effects are expected and dosing will be closely monitored to find what is best for him. I just want to be sure no one has ever seen ADVERSE side effects in pets, ie death.

Thank you all again,
Leanne Lil Ernie (Hes not little lol)

Answer to lady above

Many people use kratom on their dogs. I would use a dose relative to the size of the dog.
I was going to write an article about this for NaturalNews this week, so I got comments from a bunch of people who give kratom to their dogs, cats, and one rabbit who is afraid of loud noises.
They cook the kratom into a scrambled egg for the dog, or wrap it in peanut butter or ground beef (and cook it).

In my study of kratom over the past 4 years, I have met many people who give kratom to their dogs and it causes no problems that I've heard.

One veterinarian agreed that kratom does not cause problems for dogs, but (for some reason) he thought it would for cats. I have heard anecdotal evidence that it works for cats, also, but would like more confirmation of that.

Hope this helps your dog. I would be moderate in the dosing, very much on a per-pound basis, as in humans.