Man-Made Climate Change Is Slavery For Humanity

Man-Made Climate Change is right up there with the Democrat Party's Love Affair with late term Abortions! We all know Climate Change is Real, but taxing humanity instead of shutting General Motors down is proof Man-Made Climate Change is a Lie!

There seems to be a push on the part of the Fake News Outlets to paint weather conditions as increasing in severity, because of Man-Made Global Warming!
This is an outright lie! Yes, the Tornadoes in Oklahoma yesterday are bad, but they are normal!
When I was stationed in Clovis New Mexico, back in 1991 the Tornadoes and Thunder Storms were off the chart when compared to Michigan! That whole part of the country is called Tornado Alley! One Storm that came through Clovis headed for Amarillo (Or Lubbock) (100 miles east of Clovis) and for 3 to 4 hours that Thunderstorm/Tornado System kept circling back to Clovis as the Cap Rocks sent it back!
Here in Michigan, during the late 70’s and every 80’s, around 1 January we had Ice Storms and one year we got hammered with so much snow!

I also remember some summers back in the 70’s the heat was 105 and so muggy. All you could do was lay there at night and sweat!
Then, in 1983 I went in the USAF. The weather patters changed and the Michigan winters started being mild! Mom always wanted white Christmases and the weather just wasn’t helping her out!

Lately we have been having white Christmases and extremely cold winters in Michigan! 20 to 25 degrees F below ZERO is awesome because the Semi 5th wheels don’t like to properly lock, but hey, the Union didn’t help the 4 drivers that were fired and the 5th one sent to the warehouse because of EXTREME Cold weather! LOL

Tornadoes, Forest Fires, Flooding and Mild/Severe winters are proof of Climate Change!
Man-Made Climate Change is a Lie!

Man-Made Climate Change Means The Lucking Ones Have A Bicycle!

If it was Real the federal Government and Russia would attack every industrial nation and send them back to the Stone Age!

The Federal Government would also shut GM, FORD and Chrysler Down, permanently if the planet was in danger of Man-Made Climate Change!
Ya, a carbon Tax globally will stop Man-Made Climate Change! LOL, these Globalists just can’t figure it out, ‘Tell a Lie enough and the masses will believe it’ have never worked!
The reason it appears to work is that the average person just wants to be left alone and the Globalists interpreted that as the Masses are retarded!